Aquafresh White Trays

Aquafresh White Trays – Facts You Should Know

Aquafresh White Trays

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Aquafresh White Trays are manufactured by the well-known pharmaceutical company Glaxo Smith Kline and they are part of a large range of dental-hygiene products.

An innovative idea in the home teeth-whitening kits, this product contains ready-filled, disposal mouth trays that make the whitening process easier for the home user.

The mouth trays, which contain the whitening gel, should be placed over the teeth every day for one week, and results are apparent after the first three days.

Since Aquafresh White Trays are new on the market, they can only be purchased from several major online retailers such as, but US citizens may be able to find them in most high street stores.

Their cost is reasonable and a week’s treatment will cost you $30.

What are Aquafresh White Trays?

Aquafresh White Trays are very flexible to fit most mouth sizes and their use is quite comfortable when placed over the teeth.  Every treatment period should last for 45 minutes for best results. Because trays are already filled, the gel is evenly distributed over the teeth to ensure a uniform effect.

The whitening gel contains 10% hydrogen peroxide, a rather mild strength of the substance, but quite safe for the enamel of your teeth.

Do Aquafresh White Trays work?

Positive testimonials by satisfied consumers show that Aquafresh Trays can provide satisfactory whitening results, and most users saw a remarkable difference after the third day of treatment.

Also, the 45-minute period of time that the gel has to stay on the teeth may not be the shortest compared to other similar products, but it’s not the longest either. For most people who use a teeth-whitening kit at home what really matters is effectiveness and good whitening results not the length of treatment.

Negatives with Aquafresh White Trays

The only disadvantage of Aquafresh whitening method is that the trays cannot be moulded to fit every individual mouth but they are shaped in such a way as to fit the average mouth. Several other teeth-whitening kits offer thermoform trays which can be moulded after they are immersed in hot water.

Another complaint also has to do with the standard-sized trays. In case of a rather large or small mouth the trays do not fit exactly and the whitening gel comes in contact with the gums. There have been several reports by users who felt a burning sensation on their gums during treatment or did not feel comfortable with the mouth trays.

One more disadvantage is the low-strength content of the product in hydrogen peroxide.  People who had seriously discoloured or stained teeth did not enjoy the expected results and this was due to the low peroxide percentage.

Aquafresh White Trays … verdict

Manufactured by a reliable international company, Aquafresh White Trays are a safe, well-formulated teeth-whitening method which has proved quite successful and has received very good reviews.

On the negative side, the standard-sized mouth trays have caused discomfort and irritation to several users, while for some others the product did not live up to their expectations.

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