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Complying with the strict EU regulations concerning teeth whitening products for home use, Beaming White not only provides a peroxide-free teeth whitening kit, but the company also operates two dental-care centres in the UK, one in London and one in Manchester, where you can have your teeth professionally whitened by highly trained professionals who use the Beaming White products. Moreover, those two dental centres act as training centres for dental professionals and beauty therapists to get acquainted with the latest teeth whitening techniques and the use of the company’s products.

The Deluxe Home Whitening Kit

The Beaming White non-peroxide teeth whitening kit, which is manufactured in the USA, contains 10ml of whitening gel, two quality thermoform mouth trays, a small bottle of activator liquid, a dental shade guide and detailed instructions on how to use your kit.

The active ingredient of the whitening gel is Sodium Percarbonate and its quantity is enough for up to 14 applications. When Sodium Percarbonate comes in contact with the saliva in your mouth it releases less than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide, which complies with the EU regulation concerning the use of hydrogen peroxide.

The activator liquid prepares your teeth for the whitening session by removing the surface stains and discolouration of your teeth. You just spray it on your toothbrush and brush your teeth thoroughly for about one minute. After that, you add a small quantity of the whitening gel in the mouth trays and you leave them on your teeth from 30 to 60 minutes each time.

You can use the whitening kit once a day and, according to the manufacturers, you will have spectacular results after a week or 10 days. Depending on the condition of your teeth, you will be able to have noticeable results after the first or second application and the shade guide will help you keep track of your whitening progress.

Apart from the Deluxe Home Whitening Kit which costs £99.00, the company offers the same kit with the addition of a professional dental polisher at the price of £135.00. You can also use the Daily White Fusion (£30.00) – a toothpaste alternative to maintain the brightness of your teeth after your whitening sessions are over.

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Where to Buy Beaming White

All the Beaming White products can be ordered directly from the UK website of the company:

Alternatively, you can order your kit from Clear White Teeth where you can find special offers and lower prices for Beaming White products.


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