Billion Dollar Smile Luxury Ultimate Teeth Whitening Kit

Rated 3.5 of of 5 Star

Rated 3.5 of of 5 Star

Luxury in teeth whitening is marketed under the name of Billion Dollar Smile – a range of top quality teeth-whitening products which have been used and endorsed by celebrities and participants in British shows, such as TOWIE, MIC, X-Factor and The Voice.

The Billion Dollar Smile Company was established in 2011 and since then its products have often featured in the British national press and several fashion magazines, such as “Look” and “Marie Claire”.

The Billion Dollar Smile Whitening Kit

The Billion Dollar Smile Luxury Ultimate Teeth Whitening Kit is a comprehensive teeth whitening method for home use which is peroxide free. Its active ingredient is sodium bicarbonate which can effectively remove stains and eliminate discolouration gently and without causing pain or sensitivity.

The kit contains:

• A bottle of Cleansing Foam to gently remove surface stains

• 10ml of Whitening Gel to whiten your teeth and remove difficult staining and discolouration

• A soft silicone mouth tray which fits comfortably the contours of your mouth

• A 5 watt LED light that can be easily clipped to the mouth tray to activate the whitening gel and accelerate the whitening process

• A bottle of Whitening Foam so that you can maintain the brightness of your teeth for long

• Finger wipes

• Detailed instructions

• A shade guide to help you monitor your progress


• The whitening treatment is quite safe as sodium bicarbonate is a mild whitening agent and even people with sensitive teeth don’t experience pain or discomfort.

• Since the product is made in the EU, it conforms to EU and UK legislation concerning teeth-whitening products.

• Instructions are clear and the kit is easy to use.

• There are several five-star reviews in the press by satisfied users who report that they had visible results after the first couple of applications.

• It is clinically proven to make your teeth between 2 to 7 shades whiter over a period of 2 weeks, but results usually vary depending on how stained your teeth are.

• Refills are available for £30.

• Elegant packaging


• The silicone mouth tray is not as flexible as the customisable thermoform mouth trays that most other teeth-whitening kits contain. This may lead to some gel leakage on the gums, but because the gel does not contain peroxide, it will not cause any sensitivity.

• One of the verified purchasers on Amazon mentioned that the gel was difficult to get into the gaps of the teeth and on the gum line in order to whiten these areas effectively.

• It is much more expensive than other similar quality whitening kits, but some users say the kit is good value for money because of what it offers.

• We don’t know the exact strength of the sodium bicarbonate foam of this kit. According to studies, the strength must be between 25-30% of the mix in order to be really effective.


There may not be a large number of reviews of this whitening kit on, but those who have used it seem quite pleased with it. They mention that apart from being happy with the whitening results, they didn’t experience any side effects and the kit was easy to use without any fuss or mess.

Where to Get It

You can order it from or from its official Billion Dollar Smile website. It costs £65.

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