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Bleach Bright

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BleachBright is a wide range of teeth-whitening products that come from the USA.

Apart from the traditional teeth-whitening kits, the range contains L.E.D light kits and whitening pens.

Prices also range from average to high, for example, the Star Bright whitening pen retails at $39.99, a UV whitening system at $24.95 and their complete whitening kit is sold at $84.95.

All the products are available straight from their website, but the cost becomes even higher when shipping charges are added.

What is BleachBright?

The BleachBright teeth-whitening kit contains two 10ml syringes of whitening gel, a set of soft mouth trays that can be moulded to fit your teeth and a case to place the trays in.

We do not know exactly how the mouth trays can be moulded, e.g. whether they are the usual thermoform kind which are moulded by “boil and bite,” or some kind of new material which can be shaped in some other way.

The BleachBright kit contains 30% hydrogen peroxide and its one of the strongest concentrations on the market. The manufacturers maintain that you can lighten your teeth 10 shades in just seven days, but we do not know if the treatment has to be done once or twice a day!

We feel the need to warn you that you should be very careful with this product as it contains a very powerful bleaching gel which may cause some teeth or gum irritation, especially if you leave it on for longer than instructed.

In worst cases permanent gum damage can occur.

BleachBright disadvantages

There seem to be a lot more disadvantages than advantages to using BleachBright.

As we mentioned above, the high concentration – 30% – of hydrogen peroxide may cause discomfort during application time. Moreover, each kit contains only 2 syringes of hydrogen peroxide, which means that you will have to buy a refill straight after your first treatment.

Another disadvantage is its high price which gets even higher when shipping costs are added. At $84.95, you could buy a top quality teeth-whitening kit which is milder to the teeth but highly effective.

Very little information about each product is given on their official website. Descriptions are short, they contain mainly the names and prices of the products without details on how to use them, recommended application time or ingredients.

On top of that, the website seems to be trying to attract distributors of the products rather than inform the public about them.

We think that customers should be informed in detail about a product before buying it, especially if this product has to be shipped outside USA and it is not easy to send it back in order to ask for a refund.

There are claims on their website that BleachBright is the Number One teeth-whitening method in the USA, but there are no reviews or testimonials by satisfied customers to support these claims.

BleachBright … verdict

This is not a product we could recommend.

The high level of hydrogen peroxide may not be safe for everyone, its price plus shipping costs is too high, its pompous website promises everything but does not provide enough information about the product, and the amount of whitening gel is enough just for one application.

If you want to have a successful, home teeth-whitening treatment, you should try to find a well-known, high-quality product which has several good reviews and testimonials by pleased customers.

An alternative, top-quality teeth-whitening kit to consider: Smile4You #1 in USA and as seen on Oprah

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