Colgate Visible White

Colgate Visible White – Facts You Should Know

Colgate Visible White

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Colgate Visible White is a teeth-whitening method which is mainly used by dentists for a short, additional in-surgery whitening treatment. Colgate Visible White can give you relatively good results in only three days.

Apart from professional use, this specific whitening kit is suitable for home use as well. It can be used as a main whitening treatment, or your dentist can recommend it for further whitening and to complete your in-surgery treatment at home.

Colgate is one of the most reliable, internationally well-known companies in the field of dental hygiene and its products are safe and of high quality. This kit is safe for home use and you can purchase it from several UK online outlets for £34.99. Dental professionals can buy it straight from the official Colgate website.

What is Colgate Visible White?

The Colgate Visible White kit contains only the whitening gel in the form of four syringes which contain 3.11gr of gel each. If your dentist suggests that you use them to enhance the in-surgery method, he/she will provide you with the custom-made mouth trays. If you decide to use them on your own, as your main whitening treatment, you should buy two thermoform mouth trays and mould them yourself.

You can use the syringe to apply the gel on your teeth and you should leave it on for about 30 minutes. You follow this procedure for three days in order to see the first results. If this is not an additional treatment and you want your teeth to be lighter, you can continue from 7 to 10 days for optimum results.

The substance used in the whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide and there are three different kits depending on the strength of the gel they contain.  So, you will find kits of 5%, 7% or 9% strength of hydrogen peroxide, which compare to 17%, 23% and 30% hydrogen carbamide. If you need help with which strength to buy, you can always ask your dentist for advice.

Teeth whitening with Colgate products guarantees high quality results without the risk of damaging your teeth or feeling any kind of discomfort during or after treatment.

This is possible because the formula of their whitening gel contains fluoride and is water based in order to keep your teeth hydrated during treatment, and to minimise sensations or discomfort of sensitivity.

Colgate Visible White Disadvantages

While Colgate Visible White is a reliable, safe and efficient product, its main disadvantage is that the kit is not complete with thermoform mouth trays or a laser light to make home treatment more effective.  However, as we mentioned above, this kit is usually provided by dentists to their patients to optimise the in-surgery whitening treatment.

If you want to purchase this specific teeth-whitening brand, you will also need to buy the mouth trays separately. However, there are complete teeth-whitening kits on the market which can give you equally good, professional results with their high quality, clinically tested whitening gel and accompanying laser light. Read our Dr Georges Dental White review here

Colgate Visible White…. Verdict

If you are not going to use this product on your dentist’s recommendation to further improve in-surgery treatment, consider purchasing a complete home teeth-whitening kit which can provide you with everything you need (thermoform mouth trays plus laser light) and detailed instruction on how to use it and how to achieve the best results at a very low cost.

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