Dental Oral Irrigators

Dental Oral Irrigators- Are they Effective?

Dental Water Jet Oral Irrigator

Dental Water Jet Oral Irrigator

Oral irrigators or more commonly known as oral water jets are basically a small tube like hose that goes into your mouth and fires a high powered water jet.

Most are designed to be attached to your bathroom tap.

The irrigator removes unwanted ugly plaque and stains from teeth enamel without causing any harm. This device can also be used safely on people who have false teeth and other dental work in place.  

Problems with flossing

Some people found that dental flossing was uncomfortable and difficult on reaching the back molar teeth and sometimes caused bleeding of the gums.

This caused many people to neglect their daily flossing and they soon developed bad breath, dental decay between the teeth and gum disease. And so this is the reason that oral irrigators were developed.  

Benefits of Oral Irrigators

The main 2 benefits that oral water jets have compared to flossing is that it is easy to reach and clean the back teeth and also to get an effective clean between the teeth no matter how tightly teeth were together.

The reason for this is because the irrigators are ergonomically designed with specially angled handle and nozzle which allows contact with the whole mouth and every tooth.

Only a 1 minute session is all that is needed for a complete clean. It has also been proven that 99% more plaque is cleaned away compared to the use of only a tooth brush. And unlike flossing, very really does irrigation cause any bleeding of the gums.

Water irrigation also helps cure or reduce gingivitis and calculus after only 1 month of continued use. And further more gum health is improved by up to 94% compared to regular tooth brushing.

The pulsating action of the water jet is the main reason the irrigator is so effective to remove plaque and teeth staining. The pulsation action is also fantastic at breaking down stubborn food particles between your teeth without causing any teeth enamel damage or gum bleeding.

Do we recommend

We highly recommend the use of a dental irrigation to clean your teeth at least once a day, which is then followed by the use of an electric toothbrush to complete your teeth cleaning session.

The cost of a dental irrigation system is more expensing than buying floss, but in the long term it will prevent and promote all oral hygiene and it does not run out like floss does, so in fact is a much better and cheaper option than flossing!

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