Direct Whitening

Direct Whitening – Facts You Should Know

Direct Whitening

Direct Whitening is a UK company that specialises in dental products and can provide UK and European customers with a high quality, professional teeth-whitening system at a fraction of in-surgery whitening.

There are four versions of the Direct Whitening kit and prices start at £99.  All four different whitening kits contain two mouth trays and a special paste so that you can take the impressions of your teeth in a professional way.

When impressions are taken you send them to the company’s dental laboratory where highly specialised technicians create your custom-fit mouth trays which are sent back to you by post in a couple of days.

In the kit you will also find 4 syringes of tooth whitening gel, a special dispenser with a metal tip, and detailed professional instructions on how to use the system successfully.

How Does Direct Whitening Work?

As we mentioned above, there are four different kits in the Direct Whitening range. The Superior Tooth Whitening Kit and the Best Selling Tooth Whitening System both of which come in two carbamide peroxide strengths, 22% for standard use, and 35% for faster results. They cost £99, £115.00, £129 and £161respectively, but if you buy a second kit for a friend or member of your family, you can get a generous discount.

The bleaching substance all Direct Whitening kits contain is carbamide peroxide which is manufactured by Brighter Image, one of the top American suppliers. The safety and effectiveness of the gel has been tested both in the USA and in the UK.

Direct Whitening offers high quality whitening products and the different whitening gel strengths ensure successful results and safety for everyone.

The 22% gel works more gradually and customers are advised to use it twice a day for about one hour every time. The 35% gel should also be used twice a day, but only for 40 minutes each time. The product will restore your natural white successfully, but your teeth cannot become whiter than their original natural shade.

Direct Whitening Drawbacks

The main disadvantage of this range of teeth whitening products is their high retail price. Paying £99 for the standard kit plus shipping costs makes it quite expensive, especially if you consider that there is no laser light included in the kit. Refills are also expensive as a set of six syringes costs £49 while a smaller set of one or two syringes is not available.

Another disadvantage is the lack of enough independent customer feedback, but on the whole, customers seem to be satisfied with their choice of Direct Whitening.

Direct Whitening: Conclusion

Direct Whitening can offer its customers a quality teeth whitening kit and professional results.  According to their advertisements, after proper treatment with the product, users will enjoy similar results as with in-surgery treatment, but at a fraction of the cost.

However, there are several similar home whitening kits on the market which can provide excellent results at a much lower price, and ones that provide you with a laser light which can shorten treatment time and give you even better results.

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