Dr Collins All White bleaching kit

Dr Collins All White bleaching kit – Facts You Should Know!

Dr Collins All White Bleaching Kit

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Dr Collins All White Bleaching Kit comes from the USA and was created by Dr Colin Suzman, a practicing cosmetic dentist in California.

His All White Bleaching Kit is available in 10%, 16% and 22% Carbamide Peroxide, but his range of whitening products also includes whitening kits that contain Hydrogen Peroxide.

The kit is complete with four thermoform “boil and bite” mouth trays, and the whitening gel comes in two 5ml syringes, each one containing an amount enough for 15 treatments.

It also contains one syringe with desensitising gel, a small plastic retainer box for the mouth trays, and a shade chart to monitor your whitening progress.

At first the product was sold over the counter in major US high street pharmacies but now there are also several online retailers selling it.  You can order it from Amazon at $29.95 plus shipping expenses.

How Does It Work?

Dr Collins Bleaching System works in the same way other home teeth-whitening systems do. The boil and bite mouth trays have to be left in boiling water only for 10 seconds and while still warm you bite hard on them so that they take the shape of your teeth.

The kit contains four trays in case of error while forming them, or for the use of one more person.

When the trays are moulded, a small amount of the whitening gel is carefully applied inside the tray and you should place the trays over your teeth for a length of time ranging from 30 minutes to 4 hours per day, for about seven days.

You should repeat the treatment every day and until you feel you have achieved your desired shade. If you have very sensitive teeth, you should choose the 10% Carbamide Peroxide strength, but since the formula of the product is water based, there have been very few complaints of unpleasant sensitivity.

Also, if you use the desensitising gel that has a numbing effect, you will not feel any kind of discomfort.


Created by a dental professional who specialises in cosmetic dentistry, this whitening kit is quite effective and it comes at a very reasonable price.

The fact that the kit contains four mouth trays and a desensitising gel is an important advantage along with the fact that customers have a choice of three different formulas according to the sensitivity of their teeth.


Its main disadvantage is the length of treatment time. Wearing the mouth trays between 1 and 4 hours a day does not seem to be convenient for most users. On the other hand, if this product contained a laser light, treatment time could be drastically reduced.

Another disadvantage for those ordering from outside the USA could be the cost of shipping and delivery time which may be from a couple of days up to a fortnight.

An Alternative to Consider

An alternative you can consider is the Dr Georges Dental White whitening kit which contains a laser light, is also a high quality product created by a dental professional, and is shipped free of charge from its distributors in the UK.

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