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Dr Georges Dental White Kit

Rated 5 out of 5 Stars – #1 Teeth Whitening Product

Dr George’s Dental White home teeth-whitening kit is the ideal way to get dazzling white teeth and an attractive smile in the comfort of your home.

You will be able to enjoy visible results after your first treatment, and in just 2 weeks you can lighten your teeth up to 11 shades.

Dental White is fully licenced and compliant with the latest EU and FDA safety regulations.

Dental White was previously available only in the USA but now Smile 4 You, the official UK and EU distributors, ship your orders fast worldwide and offer an excellent customer support team.

Dental White is a teeth-whitening kit for all budgets. With full kits starting from £26.99 ($43.52) it is real value for money.

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Dental White Benefits:

Dental White History

Dental White Raved About in MediaDental White was created by Dr George Madray, a cosmetic dentist in California USA, in 1989

Since then millions of Dental White kits have been sold all over the world to help people enjoy a bright, attractive smile, just like the Hollywood celebrities who visit Dr Madray’s surgery, but at a fraction of the cost.

Dental White was the first over the counter teeth-whitening kit available and it has often been presented on numerous TV shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show and the Diet Doctors.

Also, the Daily Mail rated it as the #1 home teeth-whitening method.

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Smile 4 You is the official UK distributor and has the exclusive UK rights to Dr George’s Dental White – probably the best and safest home whitening method in the world.

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Is Dental White Easy to Use?

The Dental White kit has been created for home use so it is absolutely easy and safe to be handled by non-professionals. In the most popular kit you will find a 120ml tube of whitening gel, two thermoform mouth trays, a gel applicator, two tubes of after care gel, and a blue laser light for better and faster results.

The active bleaching substance of the whitening gel is 16% carbamide peroxide and Dental White contains four times more gel than any other teeth-whitening kit on the market.

Your first step is to mould the mouth trays. This is a simple process and you will have to do it only once. When the mouth trays are ready you fill them with the whitening gel and place them over your teeth. With the help of the laser light, treatment time lasts only 30 minutes and it is quite comfortable.

The use of the laser light speeds up treatment time because it makes carbamide peroxide work faster, it also enhances results and makes them last longer.

Dental White User Testimonials – Pearly White Teeth in Two Weeks!

Dental White Before and After Photo

Dental White Before and After TestimonialsClick Here to See More Dental White Testimonials!

Are There Dental White Side Effects?

All home teeth-whitening kits may cause some kind of sensitivity but this is usually temporary. However, sensitivity can be easily reduced with the use of the after care gel, which fills the microscopic holes on the enamel and makes teeth stronger and less sensitive.

Dr Georges Dental White WebsiteDental White: Conclusion and Best Place to Buy

Dental White, Dr George’s professional quality whitening kit, is a safe and effective home whitening method and one of the best whitening systems on the market.

Despite its high quality and proven effectiveness, Dental White is not an expensive product.

The whitening gel it contains is enough for 200 applications, which means that each whitening treatment will cost you only 12 pence!

Moreover, the whitening gel has a two-year shelf life, so you will be able to keep your teeth sparkling white for a long time using the same teeth whitening kit.

You can only order Dental White direct from the Official Website

If you order from the UK, you will have very fast delivery as orders are shipped from England and most importantly, all orders are covered by a 14-Day full money-back guarantee.

Allow 3-5 days to deliver to USA and Europe.

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Dental white

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