Is chewing gum effective for teeth whitening?

chewing gum to clean teeth

Is chewing gum effective for teeth whitening?

For most people teeth whitening is regarded as an expensive and time consuming process, and that is the reason why they try to resort to something fast and inexpensive in order to get back the natural brightness and whiteness of their teeth.

The idea of chewing gum for achieving teeth whitening and a beautiful smile seems quite attractive to most people especially since Colgate, one of the leading toothpaste companies in the world, launched Advanced Action Gum to provide users with an easy solution to teeth whitening.

Advanced Action Gum contains mildly abrasive silica that can remove surface staining that is caused by drinking coffee, tea or red wine. The product also contains zinc acetate which has anti-bacterial action and gives you a fresh breath and fewer cavities.

Apart from Colgate, several major chewing gum companies such as Trident and Orbit have also produced their whitening chewing gums and they recommend the use of a whitening chewing gum after a meal or after consuming a coloured fruit or drink that can cause staining.

Is chewing gum good for your teeth?

In the past chewing gum was more a sweet treat than an action of dental care and dental hygiene. Back then all brands of chewing gum contained sugar which could cause harm to the teeth. In the mid 90s, things changed dramatically with the introduction of sugar-free chewing gums and later the habit of chewing gum was viewed as contributing to the maintenance of a healthy mouth free from bad breath, less plaque formation and balancing of the pH in the mouth. Also, with the addition of several ingredients such as xylitol, chewing gums can contribute to the prevention of caries and decay.

Today, chewing gum is an excellent way to have a fresh, pleasant minty breath especially after having a meal at work where it would be totally inconvenient to brush your teeth. You should always make sure that you use a sugar-free gum made by a reliable company.

As far as teeth whitening is concerned, chewing gums won’t make a real difference to the colour of your teeth if this is the only whitening product you use. If you have whitened your teeth either professionally or at home with the use of a whitening kit, the use of whitening chewing gum will preserve the pearly white of your teeth for much longer. However, if you expect your teeth to become as white as the teeth of your favourite Hollywood film star only by chewing gum, you are just chasing a chimera.

Effective Teeth Whitening

In-surgery teeth whitening is too expensive for most people who prefer to whiten their teeth at the comfort of their home at the time most convenient for them. The use of a high quality home teeth whitening kit will effectively remove all the persistent stains and discolouration from the teeth in a very short time. Most users can notice visible results even after the first treatment and their teeth can be up to 11 shades lighter in about 2 weeks.

When you whiten your teeth at your dentist’s surgery or with the help of a whitening kit, then you can use either some teeth whitening toothpaste or whitening chewing gum to preserve the good results.

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