Get2Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

Get2Smile Teeth Whitening Kit – Does it Work and is it Safe?


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Get2Smile is one of the latest teeth whitening products on the market that claim to be the most technologically advanced home whitening system on the market.

Unfortunately this is not the complete truth and this product could even prove to be extremely dangerous to your health as we will explain further on.

Get2Smile was developed by Dr Wyman Chan in 2010. He spent heavily on the product launch and managed to introduce a few celebrities to his new teeth whitening treatment for which he paid them very well to endorse.

At BestSmile4U we are never paid to endorse a teeth whitening product. We are completely unbiased and we only give genuine facts and testimonials about a product that is backed up with scientific studies and proof.

We are especially cautious of any new teeth whitening systems that are only backed up with paid celebrity hype.

Cost of Get2Smile

The product costs a very expensive 350-500 pounds (up to 800 dollars). This is extremely expensive for a teeth whitening treatment, especially for a home treatment!

The treatment is very similar to many other treatments on the market and people are seeing results of teeth becoming up to 8 shades lighter. This is by no means the best results for a teeth whitening system.

You can get far better results of up to 11 shades lighter using a very similar product and method, that is proven to be 100% safe and it has had numerous clinical studies backing this up and how effective it really is. We are talking about Dr George’s Dental White.

Dr George’s Dental White has successfully been the market leader for teeth whitening for over 20 years and it has even be recommended on the Oprah Winfrey Show 5 times!

Customer Complaints

The main concern we have with the new Get2Smile system is the number of people that complain of over-sensitivity after its use. Some people have also complained that the heating of the gel in this product has caused burning of the gums and also a whitening of the gums that lasted for many weeks.

Do We Recommend Get2Smile Teeth Whitening Kit?

It is for these reasons that we cannot recommend this product. We advice people to only trust testimonials from the general public and not paid celebrity endorsements.

We also advice people not to use a product that has yet to be fully tested in independent clinical trials.

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