GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening System

Rated 4 out of 5 Stars

Rated 4 out of 5 Stars

This complete whitening system is based on GLO (Guided Light Optic) technology and belongs to the leading GLO Science Professional Line. It can be used both by dentists for in-surgery whitening and by individuals for an effective home-whitening solution.

The GLO Line was developed by the well-known aesthetic dentist, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, an experienced researcher in the field of oral care and teeth whitening, who often appears in the panels of the Dr. Oz Show in the USA.

The GLO Brilliant System promises to whiten your teeth in a faster, safer and more effective way. You should expect up to five shades whiter teeth in just 5 days.

The GLO Kit
The kit contains:

• 10 G-Vials of whitening gel which is enough for 40 applications. The active whitening ingredient in the gel is 6.5% hydrogen peroxide.

• GLO Lip Care which can be used to protect the lips and the gums from sensitivity.

• A closed-system mouthpiece that prevents the whitening gel from leaking into the mouth and makes the whitening process faster and safer. The mouthpiece comes in a sanitary case for safe storing.

• The GLO Control which you can charge and connect to the mouthpiece. It produces both heat and a brilliant blue light which activate the whitening gel and accelerate the whitening process.

• The GLO Dock which you can connect either directly to the power source or to your computer using its USB. This feature makes it easy to use when you are travelling.

How to Use

Each whitening process consists of four 8-minute sessions, which means a total of 32 minutes per day.
First, use the Lip Care outside and inside your lips. You can also use it on your gums if they are sensitive.

After that, you apply a thin layer of whitening gel on the front of your upper and lower teeth. Then, you press the button on the GLO control and when the blue light is on, you put the mouthpiece in your mouth.

After 8 minutes, the GLO Control is automatically turned off. You rinse the mouthpiece and repeat the process 3 more times.

You are advised to use the whitening system for 5 consecutive days. Users who have badly stained or severely discoloured teeth may use it for a maximum of 10 days.

GLO Brilliant Pros

• Tests at the Good Housekeeping Institute showed that the system was quite effective and one of the best as far as sensitivity is concerned.

• Most reviews by users are positive and they mention that their teeth got approximately one shade lighter after each session. The rating of the product on is 4.1 out of 5.

• It is fast and easy to use. It only takes 32 minutes per day for five days.

• You are free to eat and drink immediately after each whitening session.

• The gel has a 12-month self life, but if it is kept refrigerated its self life is 18 months. Extra gel is provided so you can use it again to top up whitening when you think it’s necessary.

• Easy to charge because of its USB feature.

GLO Brilliant Cons

• The main disadvantage of the GLO Personal Whitening System is its high price. At the moment of writing it is sold for approximately $200 on

• Even though most users found the product free from any unpleasant side effects, a few users have complained of gum sensitivity.

• A few users said that the process may seem to be simple and easy, but they found the four 8-minute sessions rather tiring.

• There have been several complaints that refills are not available.

• While the kit is shipped to the UK, the European Dental Association Law on teeth whitening products states that no whitening gel should contain more than 6% hydrogen peroxide. However, since the product was created by a dentist, we can assume that 6.5% may also be safe.

• GLO Control must be charged for several hours before you can use it again. So, users should not forget to charge it if they want to have it ready for their next whitening session.


On the whole, the GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening System seems to be quite effective and according to the majority of user testimonials, it is also safe and free from unpleasant side effects.

However, its high price is prohibitive for the majority of people who want to whiten their teeth at home.
The product is available to order online from and it is promptly shipped to the UK.

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