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Go Smile Speed Whitening System – Facts You Should Know

Go Smile

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Go Smile Speed Whitening System is a home teeth-whitening kit which comes from the USA and is part of a large range of teeth-whitening products.

Unlike other whitening kits, it works on a two-step application of whitening ingredients which cuts treatment time in half.

The first step of this “prime-and-white” system is to apply a clear, flavourless gel on the teeth to accelerate the release of oxygen ions when the main product is applied.

Apart from speeding up treatment time, the pre-whitening gel also helps reduce sensitivity.

The pre-whitening gel is applied through a swab and the whitening gel, which contains hydrogen peroxide, is applied through an ampoule. A complete whitening course lasts only four days and treatment is done twice a day.

You can order the Go Smile Speed Whitening Kit directly from the company’s website at $99 plus shipping costs.

How Does Go Smile Work?

As we mentioned above, the treatment is in two easy steps and this dual-action system can give you effective and fast results.

First you have to apply the pre-whitening gel to the teeth using a built-in swab. Each tooth has to be painted carefully with the pre-whitening gel before applying the whitening gel.

After all your teeth are covered with the pre-whitening gel, you have to use the whitening gel contained in an easy-to-use ampoule.

You just flip the top off the ampoule, and you squeeze the tube until the whitening gel appears on the tip of the applicator. After that, you carefully paint all the teeth with the whitening gel and leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing it off.

The process is easy and there is no need for mouth trays. The manufacturers describe it as “flip, pop and whiten”.

Go Smile Advantages

Go Smile whitening kit is simple and easy to use and it can give you fast results. The manufacturers of the product say that it can lighten your teeth up to eight shades in just four days.

Also, application is easy and you are provided with an extra swap and an extra ampoule so that you can practice before application. Also, you do not need to mould any mouth trays and few users have complained about sensitivity or any other side effects.

Go Smile Drawbacks

This is a good quality whitening kit, it seems to be safe and quite effective, but its only disadvantage is its high price as it is one of the most expensive teeth-whitening kits on the market.

Go Smile: Buy it or not?

If you don’t mind its high price and you want very fast results Go Smile could be a good product for you.

However, some consumers have complained that whitening results did not last for long while some others said it was boring to apply the pre-whitening and whitening gel on each tooth separately, and they were not sure if the gels were evenly applied on all teeth.

On the other hand, teeth-whitening kits with thermoform mouth trays can be an excellent option for those who want good results over a period of one or two weeks.

A high-quality whitening kit such as Dr Georges Dental White could give you the expected results.

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