Healthy Gums for Healthy Teeth

Healthy teeth and gumsHealthy Gums for Healthy Teeth!

Healthy gums are of utmost importance for the teeth. Even if your teeth are perfectly healthy and pearly white, but your gums are not healthy and firm enough to keep your teeth in place, you will eventually start losing your teeth. When teeth start becoming loose because of inadequate gum support, it is usually the first step to dentures.

Periodontal LigamentIn this picture, taken from the medical dictionary, you can see how teeth are supported by the periodontal ligament. This is a band of connective fibres which form a tissue that holds the teeth attached on the alveolar bone. When there is a gum disease the periodontal ligament gets damaged and the teeth gradually lose their support.

Gum disease develops in the most insidious way and it is the result of poor dental hygiene and lack of regular visits to the dentist. When tartar and plaque get accumulated around the base of the teeth, they host a large number of bacteria which can cause gum inflammation. When gums get inflamed they develop a disease called periodontitis, which in turn leads to bone loss. This way, teeth gradually lose their support and fall out.

Gum Disease and How to Avoid It

If you know that you often neglect to brush your teeth, you will most probably be able to spot the first signs of tartar and plaque around the base of your teeth. Now, it’s time for a visit to your dentist for a professional cleaning of your teeth. The dentist not only cleans the surface of the teeth, but will also remove the tartar and plaque and polish the teeth with a special paste. This will make the teeth smoother and prevent new plaque from forming.

If you fail to visit your dentist at this initial stage of the problem, things will get worse. The bacteria in the plaque will cause gingivitis and your gums will start bleeding. Because of the bleeding, you will stop brushing your teeth as often or as actively as you should and the gingivitis will soon turn to periodontitis.

If you notice that your teeth often bleed during brushing, you should start worrying and visit your dentist as soon as possible. You definitely don’t want things to get worse because then treatment will be really difficult.

 If you fail to visit your dentist, your condition will get worse as the fibres in the periodontal ligament get damaged and pockets between the teeth and the gums appear. These pockets collect food debris and dangerous anaerobic bacteria that can damage not only the periodontal tissue, but the alveolar bone as well.

If you don’t seek professional help now, your teeth will loosen so much that they will start falling out. The condition can be really painful when you try to chew as the teeth won’t be able to stand that pressure.

Now that you know how the problem begins and its different stages, what you must do is to fight your fear of dentists and pay a visit even before plaque starts forming.

What to Do to Protect your Gums

Try to avoid the formation of tartar and plaque by using a quality toothbrush, or even better, an electric one. As plaque is often difficult to see, you can get some special tablets that stain it and make its removal a lot easier.

Vitamin C is also very beneficial for the health of the gums, so try to include more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet and avoid smoking as much as possible.

We can all avoid one of the most dangerous conditions for our teeth just by following the simple rules of dental hygiene like brushing, flossing, and annual preventive dental visits. Our teeth are very important not only for our appearance, but also because they contribute to the overall health of our body, so it is vital that we always take good care of them.

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