How to Get Rid Of Yellow Teeth

How to Get Rid Of Yellow Teeth

Get rid of your yellow with Dental WhiteYour eyes and your smile are the first two things someone notices on your face and you would certainly like to improve the way they both look. If you are a man, you can’t possibly do much to change the way your eyes look, but makeup can do wonders for a woman’s eyes.

However, both men and women can do a lot to make their smile more attractive. From expensive cosmetic dentistry to simple home teeth whitening, there is always something to enhance your smile and boost your self esteem.

The easiest and less expensive thing you can do to improve the way your teeth look is to make them look whiter and healthier without ugly, yellow or brown staining.

Teeth Whitening Made Easy

Professional, laser, in-surgery whitening is the method preferred by celebrities, but its cost may be prohibitive for the average person as it is not covered by NHS. Ranging from £1000 up to £3000, such a whitening process also requires several visits to the dentist.  Professional bleaching is less expensive and dental professionals usually give you an estimate according to the condition of your teeth.

Additionally, several beauty salons offer teeth-whitening treatments at a relatively low cost, but you should opt for such a treatment only if it is performed by a dental professional. Because they want to please their customers, a salon treatment tries to lighten your teeth several shades in just one session. This may be really harsh on your teeth and put their health at risk.

On the other hand, home teeth-whitening kits can give you a safe and satisfactory result as they can lighten your teeth several shades over a period of one or two weeks. For example, Dr. Georges Dental White is one of the home whitening kits we can recommend as it is one of the best teeth-whitening kits on the market.

It is the #1 home teeth-whitening kit in the USA and UK, it first entered the market in 1989, and carries an FDA certificate. Its active ingredient is Carbamide Peroxide and it promises to lighten you teeth up to 11 shades in a two weeks’ time.

Why Should I Whiten My Teeth?

Having a beautiful white smile can have a dramatic effect on:

Your personal life – If you are too embarrassed to show your teeth, this will certainly lower your self esteem and make you more reserved and self conscious. Yellow or stained teeth create a negative impression about you and how you take care of yourself. With a bright smile you can feel more attractive and approachable.

Your career – A bright smile is a great advantage during an interview and a valuable asset during the whole of your working life. We always prefer to work with a smiling person instead of someone with a grim, uninviting face.

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