Iwhite Light Activated Teeth Whitening – Facts You Should Know

Iwhite Light Activated Teeth Whitening kit

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Iwhite Light Activated Teeth Whitening kit is a new teeth-whitening product which comes from Belgium and comes with a laser light integrated on the mouth piece.

Apart from the laser light the Iwhite kit contains two mouth trays which have detachable arches and the whitening gel in the form of foam strips.

The foam strips already contain the right amount of whitening gel, and you only have to place them in the arches which you then fit in the mouth trays. After that, the laser light works directly on the teeth, since the gel in the form of strips allows it to shine straight on the teeth.

How to Use Iwhite Light Activated kit

The Iwhite teeth -whitening kit seems to be very easy to use and the gel in the form of ready-to-use strips can be applied without the fear of a gel overdose. Customers are advised to use the product for 20 minutes for a 5-day period for optimum results.

Iwhite Light Activated Teeth Whitening….The Verdict

At first glance this teeth-whitening kit seems very promising but we are rather sceptical for two reasons.

The first one is that the product is quite new and there are not enough testimonials by satisfied users. Testimonials always allow us to rate a product according to how successful it is but also according to its weak points, as they are mentioned by actual users.

The second reason has to do with the quality and safety of the product. The ready-to-use foam strips may be easy to use but we know nothing of the ingredients they contain.  Most teeth-whitening kits include enough information on the substances their gel contains, but this is not the case with Iwhite.

If you are looking for an old, tested and tried teeth whitening kit, we would recommend Dr Georges Dental White.

It has been on the market for more that 20 years and there are thousands of pleased users who have given their positive testimonials.  Smile 4 You also contains a laser light for better and faster results, and we know everything about the chemical substances the gel contains.

Using Smile 4 You, you know that you are going to have guaranteed, value-for-money and safe results.

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