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Rated 3 out of 5 Stars

Having received 503 5-star reviews and 253 4-star reviews out of a total of 850 reviews on amazon.co.uk, Just Pure White Gel Pen Kit seems to be worth trying.

Most users said that their teeth were significantly brighter and whiter after using the product for about a week.
So, let us have a closer look at it.

Whiter and Healthier Teeth
Just Pure White is manufactured in California, USA and is sold by the UK-based Emoyeni® Company. According to its manufacturers, Just Pure White is a peroxide-free whitening pen that not only whitens your teeth effectively, but also helps strengthen their enamel, prevents decay, and fights bacteria that can cause infections in the mouth.

Because the product does not contain peroxide, it is considered safe for home use and is approved by the European Dental Association (EDA) since it follows the EU safety regulations for teeth whitening.

As we mentioned above, Just Pure White does not contain peroxide, which is widely used both by dentists for in-surgery whitening and in most home teeth-whitening products. Just Pure White contains 100% natural ingredients that come from plant sources and the gel has a pleasant minty smell.

• Sodium Bicarbonate – This is its active whitening ingredient
• Sodium Fluoride – A substance that helps prevent decay
• Aloe Vera – Prevents sensitivity and gives you healthier gums
• Pomegranate – It reduces and prevents the formation of plaque
• Chamomile – It kills bacteria in the mouth and prevents or heals mouth ulcers
• Glycerin – Derived only from plant sources, glycerin helps the better functioning of the gel

How to Use Just Pure White
There is nothing complicated in using Just Pure White. You just turn the bottom of the pen and a small amount of gel appears on its tip which is a small brush. With the help of this brush, you carefully apply a thin layer of the gel on each tooth paying attention not to cover your gums. You should leave the gel on your teeth for about 15 minutes and then you can thoroughly rinse your mouth. According to instructions, you should use it once a day.

Advantages of Just Pure White
• It’s easy to use, easier than using whitening strips and simpler than using gel and mouth guards.
• The active whitening ingredient of the product, Sodium Bicarbonate, is a well-known substance for teeth whitening and is used in several whitening toothpastes.
• According to users’ reviews on amazon.co.uk, the gel does not cause pain or sensitivity and the majority of users say that they were pleased with the whitening results.
• Noticeable difference can be seen within 2-3 days. However, some users said that they saw noticeable difference even after the first application.

Disadvantages of Just Pure White
• You have to be especially careful when applying the gel on your teeth in order to cover not only the surface, but also the sides of the teeth. If the gel does not get between the teeth, the whitening result may not be even.

• We do not know how strong the sodium bicarbonate gel is. Teeth-whitening experts say that in order for the gel to be effective its strength has to be about 35%.

• There are no refills for the pen. When the gel runs out, you will have to buy the whole kit again. If you use it once a day, the gel lasts for about one month.

• The whitening effect of the gel does not seem to last long. So, you will probably need to use it once or twice a week to maintain the whiteness. Of course, it all depends on what you eat and drink, if you smoke or not, and on how often you brush your teeth.

• Most users say that it is not easy to keep their lips open for 15 minutes to avoid contact with the gel while it is drying. It could be a good solution to order a cheek retractor together with the whitening pen. It costs less than £2.00 and you can order one from amazon.co.uk.

The Just Pure White Gel Pen Kit has received good reviews from people who have used it. Of course, if your teeth are deeply stained and badly discoloured, you must not expect the bright white teeth of the Hollywood stars just by using this pen.

However, most users have had noticeable results within a few days and they were quite pleased with the final results. Moreover, because the gel does not contain peroxide, it does not cause pain or sensitivity to the teeth and gums.

Where to Buy
You can order it from Amazon.co.uk. It costs £15.87.

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