Laser Light Teeth Whitening

Laser Light Teeth Whitening

Laser Light Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has never been a fast process. In fact, about a decade ago, it could take several sessions at the dentist’s surgery or about two weeks’ daily treatments at home, while satisfactory results depended mainly on the strength of the bleaching agent – usually a peroxide-based gel. That meant that the higher the concentration of the whitening gel, the more pain or sensitivity the whitening treatment could cause. On the other hand, if the whitening gel was low in concentration, the desired whitening results could take much longer.

Apparently, as more and more people wanted a brighter, pearly smile there was a need for faster and safer results.

LASER Light Whitening

Power whitening first appeared in the USA and in 1996 the FDA approved the use of argon LASER for teeth whitening. In the beginning, very few dentists used Laser light to speed up the whitening process, especially because of the high cost involved. However, today, the treatment is considerably less expensive and you can have your teeth whitened with the help of a Laser or a blue LED accelerator light not only at your dentist’s surgery, but also in beauty and tanning salons, fitness centres, spas, and in special kiosks in large shopping malls where dental hygienists provide their services.

The main advantage of the use of Laser light is that it can offer you the desired results, sometimes up to 10 shades lighter teeth, in just one session at your dentist’s surgery. The laser light can target deep intrinsic stains in the teeth through photopolymerisation – a technique that accelerates the oxidation of the peroxide gel faster and more effectively.

The process usually lasts from 60 to 90 minutes and with the help of the Laser light, the dentist can target even very difficult stain molecules effectively. Moreover, because the process is quite fast, it causes minimal sensitivity even to those people who have sensitive teeth. In such cases, the dentist often uses a special remineralisation formula that can prevent discomfort just after the whitening treatment is over.

The Laser light is safe when used by qualified dental practitioners who know how to protect your gums with a special soft material and your eyes with special eyewear throughout the whitening process.


The only disadvantage of teeth whitening with the use of a Laser light or a blue LED light accelerator is its high cost. Several years ago, when Laser whitening was something new, the cost was prohibitive for most people who had to resort to the more traditional, less expensive whitening methods. The fact is that even today in-surgery teeth whitening is still a lot more expensive than home teeth-whitening methods, such as whitening toothpastes, pens, stripes and kits.

Home Teeth Whitening with Blue LED light

There are some quality over-the-counter whitening kits which contain a handheld blue LED light gel accelerator which can speed up the whitening process for anyone who wants to have their teeth whitened in the most economical way and at the comfort of their own home. In most of these products the active whitening agent is low-concentration carbamide peroxide, but there are several others whose active whitening gel is peroxide free.

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