Luster 1 Hour White

At Home Tooth Whitening Light System

Rated 3 out of 5 Stars

Rated 3 out of 5 Stars

Based on the concept of simplicity, Luster 1 Hour White targets customers who would like to whiten their teeth at home and have difficulty using mouth trays or whitening strips. The product promises to make your teeth 3 to 7 shades lighter in a total of about 60-90 minutes without pain, sensitivity or discomfort.

The kit contains a bottle of whitening gel, an accelerator mouth rinse, an activating whitening light device and a shade guide to help you monitor your results.

How to Use

According to the manufacturers of the product, the whitening process is done in 20 sessions which last 2-3 minutes each. You can do them in just one day or you can split them in 2 or more days either over the weekend or over a full week – something that would take you about 10 minutes per day.

The process is simple, but it requires your full attention when applying the gel on your teeth as you should be careful not to apply it on your gums or lips. There are 7 steps in the initial treatment:

  1. Brush your teeth twice – once using your regular toothpaste and once without toothpaste. Rinse well.
  2. Use the accelerator mouth rinse to prepare your teeth for the whitening gel.
  3. Put a strip of paper towel between your lips and your gums.
  4. Protect your lips with a thick coat of lip balm.
  5. Apply the whitening gel on your teeth. Try to avoid contact with your gums or lips. Wait for 20 seconds for the gel to dry.
  6. Place the light device between your lips, turn it on and wait for 2 minutes.
  7. Rinse your mouth to remove saliva with the accelerator mouth rinse (not water)

Repeat the treatment (steps 5, 6, 7) as many times as your schedule requires. After the final treatment for the day, you can rinse your mouth with water.




Despite the fact that some users did complain about not having the results they had expected, there are a lot of satisfied customers who have given the product a five-star review on

The repetition of treatments seems to be boring, but on the whole the product is easy to use. However, even though some people may think that the use of mouth trays is difficult, they are likely to be a lot more pleased with the final results when they use a whitening kit with customisable mouth trays, because they prevent the contact of the gel with the lips and gums and they help whiten all the teeth in the mouth.

Where to Buy Luster 1 Hour White

You can order it from It costs $20.89

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