Natural White Pro

Natural White Pro – Facts You Should Know

Natural White Pro

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Natural White Pro comes from the USA and it is a clinically-proven, whitening kit that promises to lighten your teeth up to nine shades and remove tough stains and ugly discolouration.

Just like most similar whitening kits, Natural White Pro contains two mouth trays that can be easily moulded to fit the shape of your teeth along with a  storage box for them, a 2oz tube of  whitening gel, a mouth rinse for fresh breath which is enriched with vitamins and calcium, a shade chart and instructions of use.

Natural White Pro is one of the least expensive whitening kits. It costs only $14.95 and you can order it from Amazon USA. You will have to pay the shipping cost and it will be delivered in about one week or a bit longer.

How Does Natural White Pro Work?

The first step is to put the mouth trays in hot water for a few seconds and while they are still warm you should bite hard on them. After moulding the mouth trays to fit your teeth, you fill them with the whitening gel and leave them on your teeth for 5 minutes every day. Your treatment may last for one or two weeks, and it depends on how much stained your teeth are and on the final result you want to achieve.

Natural White Pro Advantages

The main advantage of this whitening kit is its low price. It is probably the cheapest teeth-whitening kit on the market that comes complete with thermoform mouth trays. Another advantage is the very short time of treatment which is convenient for everyone. Also, many customers who have used the product give it positive feedback and they do not report any unpleasant side effects.

Natural White Pro drawbacks

A serious disadvantage of the product is that users are not provided with any kind of information about what sort of bleaching agent it contains or how strong it is. The product is advertised as containing two fast-acting whiteners, so we can infer that the whitening gel must be very powerful as instructions say that it should be left on the teeth only for 5 minutes.

Another serious disadvantage is that several users have complained of a burning sensation on the gums, and the appearance of mouth ulcers after treatment. Even pleased customers say that the whitening effect didn’t last long.

Buy Natural White Pro or Not?

If you are looking for something very cheap, this seems to be the ideal product to buy. However, if you are concerned about its high level of bleaching agent and if your teeth are sensitive, it does not seem to be the perfect choice. While it may sound very attractive to purchase something so cheap and so fast, the health and safety of your teeth should be your first thought.

Home teeth whitening is generally considered as a safe procedure and thousands of people have managed to get a beautiful, bright smile without the high cost of in-surgery whitening. That is why you should always try to buy and use a high-quality product, such as Dr Georges Dental White which can guarantee good and safe results at a reasonable price.

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