Naturally Bright Teeth Whitening

Naturally Bright Teeth Whitening – Facts You Need to Know

Naturally Bright Teeth Whitening

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Naturally Bright Teeth Whitening is a well-known teeth-whitening brand in the UK.

The kit is sold complete with carbamide peroxide whitening gel, thermoform mouth trays and full instructions of use.

There are two Naturally Bright whitening kits available. The weaker strength contains 23% of carbamide peroxide and is recommended for those users who have sensitive teeth, while the 35% strength gel is intended for those with normal teeth. Both varieties of whitening gel are manufactured in the USA.

The whitening gel is contained in three syringes of 10ml each and the quantity is enough for 60 applications.  In the kit, apart from the thermoform mouth trays, you will also find two carry cases to protect the mouth trays from dirt.

Each whitening kit is sold for £34.95, and if you buy a two-person kit, it will cost you £69.95.  In case you need refills, three 10ml syringes are sold for £24.95.

How Does Naturally Bright Teeth Whitening Work?

Naturally Bright is similar to many other effective teeth-whitening kits especially because the bleaching substance it contains – carbamide peroxide – is the best for teeth whitening.

In the kit you will find two mouth trays which you can easily mould to fit exactly the shape of your teeth. This can be done easily when you place them in hot water and when they are still warm, you put them in your mouth and bite hard on them.

When the mouth trays are ready, you fill them with the whitening gel and place them over your teeth for 15 to 30 minutes for the high and lower strength gel respectively. Results are obvious after five days, and you can repeat the treatment whenever you feel it is necessary.

Naturally Bright is a whitening kit which could be a real value for money if it provided its customers with a laser light to improve treatment results.

The product is sold by a reliable UK company and you can place your order either on their website or you can contact them on the phone. The product will arrive to you in just a few days and shipping is free in the UK. Naturally Bright can also be offered as a gift because it comes in attractive packaging.

Naturally Bright Teeth Whitening – disadvantages

The high strength whitening gel which contains a concentration of 30% carbamide peroxide is probably too strong to be absolutely safe. Even the lower strength concentration of 23% can be too strong for sensitive teeth.

When there is a high content in carbamide peroxide in a whitening gel, this can cause serious gum irritation and discomfort, especially when the treatment time is rather long, 15-30 minutes.

Naturally Bright Teeth Whitening: Conclusion

Naturally Bright seems to be quite a good product which is sold at a reasonable price, and it can be compared to the less expensive Dr Collins All White Smile. However, there are no user testimonials to support it or point out its weak points, and this can make future customers hesitant to buy and use it.

Another weak point of the product is that its kit does not include a laser light to speed up treatment time and enhance results. Two alternative whitening kits of equal quality that offer a laser light and are sold at almost the same price are Dental White and Smile 4 You.

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