Non-Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kits

What to Know about Peroxide

The active whitening ingredient in most home teeth-whitening kits is peroxide based.  The large majority of these kits contain peroxide carbamide which is also called urea peroxide. This is the substance most dentists use for in-surgery whitening.

Another peroxide-based active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide which is not often used in teeth whitening kits for home use because it is stronger than carbamide peroxide. However, it is often used by dental professionals for cases of badly stained teeth.

The use of peroxide for teeth whitening may cause some sensitivity, especially to already sensitive teeth, but it is generally considered as totally safe for the enamel of the teeth as long as instructions of use are followed.

EU Directives Concerning Peroxide-Based Whitening Products

A recent EU regulationwhich has been in force since 31st October 2012 has increased the allowed concentration of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, for whitening kits that can be used at home, to 6% and 16% respectively. This revised EU regulation came to amend the previous Council Directive which was published in September 2011 and was against individuals buying home whitening kits containing peroxide.

According to the new Regulation, products that contain the right amount of peroxide, as mentioned above, may be sold for home use, but the first use should be performed by a dental practitioner or by hygienists and therapists who act according to a dentist’s prescription and are competent enough to ensure an equivalent level of safety.

This means that users have to be shown how exactly to load and fit mouth trays so that they won’t risk swallowing any excess peroxide. After the first treatment, they are free to use the whitening kit at home until they complete the whitening cycle.

Another point in this EU Regulation is that teeth-whitening must not be performed to people under 18 years of age.

Non-Peroxide Whitening Kits

After the first EU Directive in September 2011, several non-peroxide teeth whitening kits for home use appeared on the UK and the European market. These products are quite new, but some of them have received very good reviews by users who were successful in whitening their teeth effectively.

These whitening kits usually contain sodium bicarbonate or sodium perborate and they work in a very similar way to peroxide-based ones.  The whitening method involves the use of customisable mouth trays which are filled with the whitening gel and placed over the teeth for the recommended time.

Users should repeat the treatment several times and it may take them up to 3 weeks until they achieve their desired shade of white.

Generally speaking, non-peroxide whitening kits may not be able to provide the fast results that peroxide-based kits can give you, but they do not cause teeth sensitivity or irritation of the gums.

The main advantage of non-peroxide whitening kits is their safety and the fact that you can buy and use them at home without having to visit a dental professional first.

Our highest rated non-peroxide kit is:

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