Onuge Bright White Dry Teeth-Whitening Strips

Onuge Bright White Dry Teeth-Whitening Strips

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White teeth can be a valuable asset for our appearance and even if we cannot afford the money and the time for professional in-surgery whitening, there are a large number of over the counter teeth-whitening methods that can rid us of the ugly staining and the yellow discolouration.

Innovative Strip Technology

Onuge Bright White Dry Teeth-Whitening Strips can provide you with a fast solution to whiten your teeth in an easy and affordable way.

The strips are manufactured by the Chinese Guangzhou Company and they are sold all over the world because of their innovative non-slip technology that allows you to talk and drink water during application time.

Whitening strips are one of the simplest and easiest methods of teeth whitening and they have become quite popular in recent years. Their main disadvantage is that they can be rather messy to use as they tend not to stay in place for the required time.

However, things are different with Onuge Dry Strips as they are not affected by the saliva in your mouth and can remain firmly attached for hours without becoming messy or slippery.

How to Use Onuge Strips

When you remove the strips from their plastic pouch, place them carefully on your upper and lower jaw paying attention to align them with your gum line. Try to avoid placing them on the gums because the whitening gel may irritate them. Press the strips gently to make sure they have stuck on the surface of your teeth and leave them on for one hour. When you remove the strips, brush your teeth gently to remove any gel residue.

For faster results you can have one whitening session in the morning and one in the evening. Each Onuge box contains 14 strip pouches and each pouch contains 2 strips – one for upper and one for lower jaw. According to the manufacturer, you will be able to enjoy your desired results in just 7 days.

How Onuge Strips Work

The active ingredient in Onuge Whitening Strips is 0.1% hydrogen peroxide – the most common whitening agent used both by dentists for in-surgery whitening and in DIY whitening methods. Hydrogen peroxide reacts with the saliva on the surface of the teeth and forms tiny bubbles that penetrate the enamel of the teeth removing surface and deeper staining. The strips also contain: sodium perborate, mint fragrance, glycerine and peppermint.

Onuge Dry Strips Advantages

• Remain firm on the teeth for the whole whitening session and they cause no mess in the mouth
• Fast whitening results
• The strips are transparent and can be worn without being noticed
• You can drink water and talk while wearing them
• Affordable price – £9.20 from amazon.co.uk

Onuge Dry Strips Disadvantages

• Several users complained that whitening results didn’t live up to their expectation and whiteness lasted only for a few weeks
• Reviews who compared the two products said that Crest White Strips are more effective than Onuge Strips
• Some users said that the strips had an unpleasant taste
• Whitening strips in general may not be long enough to cover the back teeth

Where to Buy Onuge Strips

Order them online from Amazon.co.uk


If your teeth are slightly discoloured and you want a fast, affordable method, Onuge Dry Strips will offer you fast results without causing mess in your mouth.

However, if you want professional teeth-whitening that lasts long, opt for a home teeth-whitening kit which contains customisable mouth trays and a blue LED light for best possible results.

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