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Pearl Drops Teeth-Whitening Range Review

Pearl Drops

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Pearl Drops is not just another whitening toothpaste, but a complete range of whitening products which can assist with the daily dental hygiene, the removing of surface stains, and the moderate whitening of the teeth, along with their nourishing and protection. That is why the range is divided into 3 categories: “Daily”, “Transform” and “Nourish and Protect”.

Let us have a closer look at them:

A. The “Daily” range

This category contains 4 products:

·    Every Day White – This is a low-viscosity toothpaste that comes in a bottle. It can clean and whiten the teeth, help remove plaque and reduce tartar. The product is mild on the teeth and gums, safe for the enamel and easy to use.Every Day White can be used twice daily, just like any other normal toothpaste, because it does not contain any harsh whitening ingredients. Its mild abrasive substances are hydrated silica and aluminium oxide. One bottle of 50ml costs £1.99.

·    Pro-White – Slightly more abrasive than Every Day White toothpaste, Pro-White can remove the stains that are caused by smoking, or drinking tea, coffee, or red wine. Its abrasive ingredient is Perlite which can effectively remove the surface staining and plaque. The product is mild on the teeth and can be used even daily to maintain your bright white smile. The 50 ml bottle costs £5.40.

·     Tea and Coffee – Very similar to Pro-White, this product can be the ideal solution for tea and coffee lovers who want to preserve the whiteness of their teeth. Safe for everyday use. One bottle contains 50ml and costs £3.99.

·     Whitening Mouthwash – You can use this mouthwash after brushing your teeth with one of the toothpastes in this range. With Pearl Drops mouthwash, your breath will feel fresher and your teeth will be smoother and whiter. The 50 ml bottle costs £3.79.

B. The “Transform” range

The “Transform” range contains products that are mainly aimed to whiten the teeth by up to four shades and not just keep them clean – like the “Daily” range.

The 3 products in this category are:

Instant Beauty – This can also be used for brushing your teeth, and it promises visibly whiter and brighter teeth in just one week.  According to the manufacturers, the product is gentle on the teeth and suitable for daily use, while it can offer you a fresher breath that lasts for long. A bottle of 50 ml costs £3.99.

C. The “Nourish and Protect” range

There is one product in this category.

Beauty Sleep is designed to be used at night while you sleep. It promises to preserve the radiance of your teeth and maintain their white, youthful look because of the active oxygen it contains. Moreover, Beauty Sleep contains Liquid Calcium and vitamin E which can replenish and strengthen the enamel of the teeth and maintain the health of the gums. A 20ml tube of this overnight serum costs £3.49.


Most of the products in the Pearl Drops range seem to be quite similar to each other while none of them seems to be quite effective to whiten very stained or discoloured teeth satisfactorily. It could also be a bit complicated for users to use two, three or more of the products in this range at the same time.

However, if you have already whitened your teeth either at your dentist’s or at home with an effective teeth-whitening kit, the use of Pearl Drops products will help you maintain their radiance.

Where to Buy Pearl Drops

You will be able to find them at most pharmacies and high street stores, such as Tesco, Boots, and Superdrug.

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