Pearlys Daily Teeth Whitening Foam

Rated 3 out of 5 Stars

Rated 3 out of 5 Stars

Pearlys Daily Teeth Whiten Foam belongs to a wide range of teeth-whitening products which are produced by the UK-based Pearly Company.

The first Pearly teeth-whitening products were available only in the Pearly Clinic in London and a few other UK clinics and salons, but today they are also available for home whitening.

One of the Company’s most popular products is their Whitening Foam which can be used together with any brand of regular toothpaste. Whitening toothpaste is not always the ideal method for very discoloured teeth, but if combined with the Whitening Foam it can become a more effective teeth-whitening solution, especially for busy people who need something fast and simple.

Pearlys Daily Teeth Whiten Foam can be added on top of your toothpaste when you brush your teeth. You are advised to brush for about three to four minutes each time and then you can rinse your mouth as usual. The foam is easier to use than whitening strips and it does not take as long as other whitening methods.

Advantages of Pearlys Whiten Foam
• It’s easy to use and there is no preparation time or any mess to clean after brushing
• Promises noticeable results in two weeks
• There are a lot of positive reviews by happy users
• Ideal for maintenance after in-surgery whitening
• Its active whitening ingredient is sodium perborate, which is considered to be gentle on the teeth and gums
• Users haven’t reported any unpleasant side effects or sensitivity
• Sodium perborate has antibacterial properties and can keep your breath fresh for long

Disadvantages of Pearlys Whiten Foam
• Several users have complained that they could not see any discernible results as the foam seems to be able to remove only surface discolouration that is caused by smoking, coffee and tea
• Some of the most effective products whose active ingredient is sodium perborate usually have a concentration of about 25%, but Pearlys Whiten Foam contains only 0.16% sodium perborate
• Results cannot be long-lasting, so you will have to use the foam quite often
• It is not specified how many shades lighter teeth users should expect

The product is more effective than using just whitening toothpaste and it seems to be ideal for preserving the brightness of your teeth after professional or home whitening. If you want something more effective than removing the surface stains, a home teeth-whitening kit with customisable mouth trays would be a better solution.

Where to buy
You can order Pearlys Daily Teeth Whiten Foam on line from or

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