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Perfecta REV – Facts You Should Know

Perfecta REV

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Perfecta REV Take Home Tooth Whitening is a teeth-whitening system usually recommended to patients by dental professionals to enhance and maintain the results of in-surgery whitening. The product describes its results as “optimal whitening in only 15 minutes once a day.”

Perfecta REV can also be used by anyone who wishes to whiten their teeth at home. The product varies in price depending on where you purchase it. Dentists usually offer it at lower prices, but you can find very good retail prices on various online outlets.

For example, you can buy it from Amazon for $19.19 plus shipping expenses. Also, remember to order two thermoform mouth trays as the pack does not contain them, but they are absolutely necessary for the whitening process.

What is Perfecta REV?

Perfecta REV is manufactured by Premier Dental and is a product intended for professional, in-surgery whitening treatments. Individual users can order the product from several online outlets.

Each Perfecta REV pack contains two syringes of whitening gel, 4oz each, a bottle of finishing rinse to be used at the end of each treatment, and a tube of Arm and Hammer whitening toothpaste to assist whitening results. However, the pack does not include the mouth trays as they are supposed to be custom fit and provided by the dentist.

How does Perfecta REV work?

The treatment with Perfecta REV is done in three phases. First, you fill the mouth trays (not included in the kit) with the whitening gel, which contains 14% of hydrogen peroxide, and apply them to your teeth. The second phase is the waiting period which lasts for 15 minutes, and the third phase is the thorough rinsing with REV rinse which removes all remaining gel residue. The treatment is safe for the teeth, and because the gel is water based, users experience 60% less tooth or gum sensitivity.

Perfecta REV is a product to be used mainly by dental professionals and not for home use. Dentists can buy it in bulk from its official website, where they can also find a wide range of teeth-whitening-related products, such as mouth trays and special manufacturing presses for the moulding of the mouth trays.

Perfecta REV…verdict

Perfecta REV is a product widely used by dentists, but it has also become quite popular with users who have sensitive teeth. Because of its water-based hydrogen peroxide whitening gel, it can protect both the teeth and the gums against painful sensations.

However, Perfecta REV is not a complete teeth whitening kit for home use. You will have to either ask your dentist to mould the mouth trays for you, or you will have to buy thermoform mouth trays separately. On top of that, the product itself is not sold to the public from its official website, so you will have to search for an online retailer where you can purchase it from.

Perfecta REV is a safe product but there have been some complaints from home users who have experienced some mild gum irritation. If you want a complete, clinically proven and safe teeth-whitening kit, which comes along with mouth trays and a laser light for better results, Dr Georges Dental White could be an ideal choice.

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