Pola Teeth-Whitening Range

Pola Teeth-Whitening Range

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The Pola teeth whitening range includes 5 different products which can cover different whitening needs.

These products are mostly used by dental professionals or by individuals under the guidance of their dentists. The Pola range is manufactured and marketed by the Australia-based Southern Dental Industries (SDI).

The Pola range contains:

·         Poladay – after your dentist custom fits your mouth trays, he supplies you with the appropriate hydrogen peroxide concentration of Poladay whitening gel. The product is available in different strengths (3%, 7.5% or 9.5%) depending on how stained or discoloured your teeth are. You should wear the mouth trays at home for 30 minutes every day, for 5 to 10 days according to your dentist’s instructions. 

·         Polanight – this product is based on carbamide peroxide and comes in strengths of 10%, 16% or 22%. It works exactly like the Poladay, but you can wear the mouth trays either overnight or for about 1 hour, depending on the condition of your teeth and on your dentist’s instructions.

·         Polaoffice – this product is for in-surgery whitening only. You can pay a short visit to your dentist and in about 30 minutes you will be able to enjoy a brighter smile.

·         Polazing – another product that is designed to be used exclusively by your dentist. With Polazing you will have the initial treatment of your teeth which usually lasts for about 30 minutes and will give you 2-3 shades brighter teeth. After this first treatment, you can continue with Poladay or Polanight.

·         Polapaint – this is a paint-on whitening product based on carbamide peroxide. You can use it at home to top-up your treatment in order to preserve the bright white of your teeth for longer.

The Pola range is compatible to the new EU regulation that allows individuals to purchase home teeth-whitening products that contain up to 6% hydrogen peroxide or 16% carbamide peroxide. The new regulation also states that the first use has to be done under the guidance of a dental practitioner so that safety is ensured.

Pola Teeth Whitening Advantages

Pola Teeth Whitening Disadvantages


The Pola range seems to be quite reliable and effective and there are plenty of positive testimonials by successful users. Moreover, the guidance of a dentist guarantees the safety and efficiency of the whitening process.

Where to Purchase Pola Products

As mentioned above, the Pola range is available through your dentist, so you won’t be able to find it in high street stores. However, you may find that some online retailers sell these products. Our advice is that you avoid buying them online, because what you will receive may be fake and not safe for your teeth.

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