Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

This statement publicly clarifies our privacy policies that relate to possible gathering, processing and dissemination of personal information which are provided by the visitors of this website in order to be assisted in making the best choice available for them.

With Internet users being increasingly aware of privacy concerns, we are commited to make everything possible so that these concerns are dealt with in the most effective manner. To this end, we provide full transparency of our privacy policies which are outlined below.

Types of Information Collected

There are two types of information provided by the user. Those which are transmitted as an indirect result of the way the Internet operates, and those which are given out by the users themselves.

1. Information Provided by You

In this category there is a) your registration information, that is, personal information that you provide when you choose to register for getting newsletters, products or other types of services, and b) e-mail information which is used for correspondence purposes. We may keep email communication in order to be able to track the issues and replies, as well as be able to respond to you through your e-mail address. This data is carefully protected and we generally employ no less security than to any information received by regular mail or telephone lines.

2. Information Processing

Policy on information provided by you:

Information which is provided by the user is generally used for typical business operations like delivering the products and services to the buyer, payment processing, marketing and promotional offers, feedback on the use of our services/products, improvement of our services or products, improvement of website design etc. Our notification service which can be used to inform you about new updates, products, services etc in your email, can be quickly disabled by opting out from the newsletter through an embedded link that allows opt-out and which is located inside all newsletter releases.

While we may share some of this information with third parties, this is always done on the aggregate sum of data, stripped of all personal information, rather than on a personal basis. Personal information can only be shared with third parties only if that is required and enforced by law.

Cookies policy

Cookies are text-based identifiers which are used by web browsers and web sites for storing information on your PC. Cookies which were generated by specific websites and stored to your PC can be accessed by that particular website. Users can disable the storing and retrieval of cookies through their browser settings. Cookies in general cannot infect a PC with a virus – they’re just used for information storage, things like preferences, usernames, passwords etc.

Our site uses cookies to identify the users and to avoid user re-authentication over and over. Cookies are also used for statistical reasons so that we can analyze the popularity of certain web pages on our site. It should be noted that we do not collect personal information through the use of cookies since cookies generally provide only technical information.

The addressing of all network equipment with IP addresses is the way that the Internet can conduct its communications. Thus most network connections have a unique IP address or a NAT equivalent for IP branching. Our servers keep a log of IP addresses for functionality purposes (like fulfilling a web page request, error logs, hacking attempts etc) and statistics compilation.

Sharing of Information with third parties

No distribution, selling, sharing, lending or similar act, will take place regarding the strictly personal details of a subscriber. An exception applies only regarding the fulfilment of possible product orders that have been requested.

Linking Policy and Liabilities

While our website links to other websites, we can in no way be held responsible for their content or information that they provide. The same applies to websites that link to this website, to which we have no control over. Our responsibility is limited to the extent of our control, which, in this case, is this domain and associated website.

You should remember that our policy, whether privacy related or otherwise, does not have a binding effect for any other websites you may visit, therefore when you leave our site you should also be checking the policies or rules that other sites employ.

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