Professional or DIY Customised Mouth Trays

Mouth Tray

Mouth Tray

Mouth trays, or mouth guards, are essential to teeth whitening. Dentists usually customise a set of mouth trays for their clients before they proceed to the teeth whitening process, but most quality teeth-whitening kits for home use also contain customisable mouth trays.

With the exception of the whitening gel, mouth trays are the most important component for successful teeth whitening because they are filled with the whitening gel and keep it all around the teeth for the time required by the manufacturers of the product. This way, the gel does not leak into your mouth and if the trays are filled with the right amount of gel, there is no discomfort or sensitivity of the gums, either. That is why customised mouth trays that fit well over your teeth are much better than one-size-fits-all mouth trays which are included in some low-quality, cheap whitening kits.

Moreover, if the mouth trays fit exactly over your teeth without being too loose or too tight, you will be able to use them again and again until you reach your whitening goal. In fact, users have often reported that one reason they gave up teeth whitening at home was that their mouth trays did not fit their jaws well.

How to Customise Mouth Trays

Most whitening kits provide you with detailed instructions on how to customise your mouth trays, but generally the process is like this:

Order Your Mouth Trays

A couple of whitening kit manufacturers offer to customise the mouth trays for their customers. In their whitening kits they include special impression material which feels like play dough and you can use to take the impressions of your jaws. After that, you send the impressions to the company and in a few days you will receive your customised mouth trays.

You can also ask your dentist to take the impressions of your jaws and customise your mouth trays, but this will probably cost you a lot more.

Enjoy the Results

Teeth-whitening at home is an easy process which will give you bright pearly teeth, while it will save you time and hundreds of pounds in dental fees. However, it is always advisable to see your dentist before you use any teeth whitening method at home, especially if one or more of your teeth are cracked, need filling or if you have crowns, caps or veneers.

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