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Prowhitesmile, a UK-based company, offers a wide range of teeth-whitening products such as whitening gels, toothpastes, custom-made mouth trays as well as complete sets of whitening kits.

They offer products to cover every budget, so you can purchase their Pro White Smile Standard kit for only £15.99, while the same kit is sold £23.98 if it contains a plasma light device.

If you want something more professional, with technician-made bleaching trays and the use of laser light, their Ultima kit is sold for £79.00 or £129.00 if it contains another set of technician-made mouth trays for a second person.

You can buy all the products in their range straight from the company’s website by placing your order online.

How Does Prowhitesmile Work

The active bleaching agent in Prowhitesmile is Carbamide Peroxide, which is a substance most whitening kits contain. It whitens your teeth through oxidisation and breaking down the stain deposits by penetrating the tiny holes of the enamel.

The least expensive Pro White Smile Standard Kit contains a syringe of 10ml of carbamide peroxide, two thermoform mouth trays, a shade chart and full instructions of use. The product comes in two versions: a strong one that contains 23% of carbamide peroxide and one with 16% for those with sensitive teeth. Not enough information is given on how many treatments you can have with the 10ml of whitening gel the syringe contains, but you can always buy a refill for £8.99

On the other hand, with the more expensive Ultima whitening kit you can have your own mouth trays moulded by a professional dental technician. You will have to take impressions of your upper and lower teeth, send them to the company’s laboratory, and in a few days you will receive your own custom-fit trays which will fit your teeth perfectly. Just like the Standard Kit, Ultimate is offered in 23% and 16% strength.

Another product you can buy from the company is Dr Georges Dental White kit. The product is based on the idea of Dental White gel , which was developed by Dr George Madray in 1989, but this is not the original Dental White gel. The packaging is just a good copy of the original product. The kit contains 16% carbamide peroxide, two thermoform mouth trays and it costs £26.99.

Prowhitesmile pros and cons

Apart from the very low price of the standard kit and that refills are also available at low cost, we cannot see any other advantages.

Prowhitesmile does not seem to offer anything more than other similar well-established teeth whitening kits and their website does not contain enough information about each product they sell. Moreover, many of the products advertised on their website, such as the plasma laser light and the laser pen, are not always available.

Also, there are no independent reviews and customer testimonials about the product, and the copying of Dr Georges Dental White Kit does not lend credibility to their company.

Prowhitesmile: Conclusion

Home teeth whitening is a simple process but you need to buy a high quality whitening kit which contains safe and effective whitening gel to avoid any unpleasant side effects during bleaching. The use of laser light is a desirable feature as it can speed up treatment time.

Using a well-established, top quality product such as Dr Georges Dental White guarantees fast and successful results without any unwanted side effects.

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