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Rapid White – Facts You Should Know

Rapid White

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Rapid White is a range of teeth whitening products which can be purchased only from Boots, the UK-based chemist, either from their retail stores or order online from their website.

The range of Rapid White products includes several teeth whitening methods at different prices. From the very simple Rapid White one-week method that costs only £7.99 to the more advanced blue light treatment at £29.95. 

They also sell whitening toothpastes, mouth tray systems for 1 or 2 weeks and a whitening pen system to fight discolouration and stains.

What is Rapid White?

The difference between Rapid White 1 or 2 week systems and other whitening systems is that instead of using hydrogen peroxide  Rapid White uses  a chlorine-dioxide-based whitening gel.

After the gel is applied on the teeth, a sodium chlorine accelerator is also applied and is activated by a light acid solution.  This affects sodium chlorine in such a way that it breaks down the strains and discolouration factors of the teeth.

Using this kind of treatment, you can have four shades lighter teeth in one week. The process should be done twice daily and the gel must be left on your teeth for about 10 to 15 minutes.

The mouth trays should fit your teeth perfectly. This is done by immersing them in hot water for a couple of minutes and while they are still warm, you put them in your mouth and bite hard on them. This makes them mould to the exact shape of your teeth and they remain so for all the duration of your whitening treatment.

One more useful component is the blue light lamp. After applying the whitening gel in two stages, you can use the blue light to make the process faster and more effective. If you use the blue light for a period of two hours in total, your teeth will be up to five shades whiter.

The Boots Teeth Whitening range also includes some whitening toothpastes for those who want to maintain the beautiful white of their teeth, as well as a whitening pen which applies a thin layer of whitening gel on your teeth to remove stains and yellowness.

Rapid White advantages

The pros of this range of products are that they come from a reliable store and they are safe to use. They are also practical and the daily time of Rapid White treatment is only about half an hour per day.

Rapid white negatives

Methods which use Carbamide peroxide instead of chlorine dioxide seem to have a lot better results. It also seems that even the Rapid White blue light needs more time – about two hours – for obvious results. 

Also, if you have a look at the pictures on their official website, the before and after difference is not that impressive.

One more problem for those who want to order online is that The Rapid White 1 and 2 systems are out of stock at the  moment.

Rapid White – The Verdict

If you are determined to use a home teeth whitening kit and you need your teeth to be several shades lighter, you’d better get one which uses Carbamide Peroxide as its main ingredient in the whitening gel, and a laser light to speed the process, such as Dr Georges Dental White teeth whitening kits.

  Products using carbamide peroxide are not a lot more expensive but are a lot more effective. However, if you need your teeth to be only two to three shades whiter, the Rapid White range will do this easily.

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