Rembrandt Whitening Strips

Rembrandt Whitening Strips – Facts You Should Know!

Rembrandt Whitening Strips

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Rembrandt Form-Fit Whitening Strips come from the USA and use the FORMFIT® technology to provide customers with an easy and simple way to whiten their teeth at home.

Rembrandt Whitening Strips can be used directly on your teeth and instead of using the conventional mouth trays the strips “mould” directly on your upper and lower teeth.

Just like Crest White Strips, the bleaching agent in Rembrandt Whitening Strips is hydrogen peroxide, which can remove both extrinsic and intrinsic stains that coffee, tea, red wine, smoking and several kinds of food can create.

You can order the Strips straight from the company’s website at $22 plus shipping cost.  Each box contains 20 strips, 10 for the upper and 10 for the lower teeth. You are advised to use them twice a day, so the content of each box is enough for 5 days.

How Do Rembrandt Whitening Strips Work?

The Form-Fit strips are very easy to use and they will stay on your teeth without slipping or sliding. They mould round your upper and lower jaw following exactly the curves of your teeth for better contact and more effective results.

You should place the strips carefully exactly below the gum line and when they are well in place, hydrogen peroxide is released rapidly and starts working to remove stains. Users are advised to wear the strips for 30 minutes each time, and they should rinse their mouth with water for about 15 seconds before and after applying the strips.

Rembrandt Whitening Strips Pros

The biggest advantage of the Rembrandt Strips is that they are easy and simple to use, they stay in place, and you don’t have to mould or fill any mouth trays. Additionally, they do not seem to cause any side effects, such as sensitivity or burning sensations on the gums.

Another advantage is that treatment time is short, only 30 minutes each time, and the fact that you can enjoy visible results in just 5 days

Rembrandt Whitening Strips Cons

For those who have badly stained teeth, Rembrandt Whitening Strips may not be the ideal solution as the strength of the product is rather mild. However, it could be an ideal choice for those with sensitive teeth who would like to lighten their teeth just a few shades.

Also, some users have complained that the length of the strips is not enough to cover all the length of their jaws.

Rembrandt Whitening Strips: Conclusion

For those seeking professional whitening results Rembrandt Strips won’t live up to their expectations. There are several whitening kits on the market that can offer you a professional teeth-whitening solution at very affordable prices.

Finally, even though Rembrandt Strips are not expensive, for a price of $22 you would be able to buy a more effective, complete teeth-whitening kit, which could give you much better results and real value for money.

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