Rio Blue Light Teeth Whitening

Rio Blue Light Teeth Whitening – Facts You Should Know

Rio Blue Light Whitening kit

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The Rio Blue Light Whitening kit is quite different from other teeth-whitening products as it does not contain peroxide, but its whitening gel is assisted by a blue light device for better results.

The way you can use Rio Blue Light Whitening kit is exactly the same with other similar whitening kits.  You use the syringe provided to fill the mouth trays with the whitening gel, and after you fit them over your teeth you turn on the blue light to speed up the process.

In the kit, you will find the mouth trays with the blue light, a set of batteries, three syringes containing the whitening gel – one for each treatment – and detailed instructions of use.

This teeth-whitening kit can be purchased from Boots, at £29.99, either from their high street stores, or you can order it directly from their website.

What is Rio Blue Light Teeth Whitening?

The Rio Blue Light Whitening kit was designed to provide an easy and safe method to those who want a simple whitening treatment that they can use in the comfort of their home. After the application of the gel, you turn on the blue light, which has to be applied for 10 minutes, and after that it turns off on its own.  Since the treatment is simple, fast, and safe, you can repeat it up to three times in one session and results will be apparent immediately.

After a couple of treatments you will notice that your teeth have become several shades lighter, but if you want them brighter, you can repeat the treatment the next day and continue up to a month. When you have reached your desired results, you should use the treatment once a month to maintain them.

For those who have sensitive teeth and are rather hesitant to use a more powerful whitening gel, Rio Blue Light seems to be the ideal treatment, as its gel is peroxide free and the stain removers it contains are mild and of food grade. The time of treatment is also convenient and it lasts only for half an hour.

Rio Blue Light Teeth Whitening…. Verdict

Many consumers who have used Rio Blue Light give their positive testimonials on this whitening kit, but there are many who say that they expected better results. Also, there are some users who report that they experienced pain on the gums during the treatment. It seems that all depends on individual expectations and individual teeth sensitivity.

A disadvantage of the Rio Blue Light kit is that its mouth trays are all of a standard size and cannot be customised to fit. This may lead to gel leakage or discomfort during application time. Another drawback is the fact that refills are not available and if you want to repeat your treatment after some time, you will have to buy the whole kit again.

If you are looking for something mild to lighten your teeth only a few shades, Rio Blue Light Kit may be the right product for you.  It is simple to use and free from peroxide which can cause some sensitivity issues, and its retail price of £29.99 is quite reasonable. However, if you expect more drastic results, this may eventually prove an expensive product to use.

For a product that can give you better results and a lot whiter teeth, think of buying a whitening kit that contains carbamide peroxide which can prove really effective for seriously discoloured or stained teeth.

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