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Safe & White is a teeth-whitening range of products based on the patented Ardox-X technology which uses active oxygen instead of any aggressive ingredients.

The product is manufactured by Ardoz Research in the Netherlands, it has been approved by the British Dental Health Foundation, and it is marketed by CTS, a UK Dental Supplier.

The Safe & White whitening kit contains the active-oxygen whitening gel and two mouth trays which can be moulded to fit your teeth. The product can be ordered directly from the distributors’ website, it costs $44.99 (£29.95) and the gel it contains is enough for a two-week treatment.

In the Safe and White range you can also find a whitening brush and a special toothpaste to help treatment results last longer. All orders are shipped free of charge.

How Does Safe and White Work?

Safe & White whitening gel is based on active oxygen and can be a safe alternative to stronger teeth-whitening kits, especially for people with very sensitive teeth and gums. Unlike peroxide or other more powerful teeth-whitening substances, it does not affect the enamel or cause any kind of unpleasant sensations.

The kit contains 100ml of whitening gel, the thermoform mouth trays, instructions of use and a shade chart to monitor your progress. You can also find a shade chart on their website.

You are advised to do the treatment twice a day for 30 minutes each time and in two weeks your teeth will lighten up to seven shades. Of course, if your teeth are not badly stained or discoloured a one-week treatment should be enough.

Ardox X Technology

Safe & White uses the patented Ardox-X technology which is a hydrocarbon oxoborate complex. Its active ingredient is oxygen which can create a whitening effect through an oxidative process. Unlike peroxide-containing gels, Safe & White is very mild on the teeth and gums. According to manufacturers, it is absolutely safe for the enamel and the gums, does not produce free radicals and does not cause sensitivity.

Safe and White pros

The main advantage to using Safe & White is its mild effect on the teeth and gums which can be of great importance to people suffering from very sensitive teeth. Moreover, the use of a non-aggressive teeth-whitening method can be especially attractive to those who are health conscious.  The product is easy to use, instructions are clear and its price is quite reasonable.

Safe and White cons

Safe & White may not be the ideal product for those who want something more effective for their seriously stained or discoloured teeth. Many users seem to have been disappointed with the final results of this whitening kit.

The other disadvantage has to do with the product’s official website which is difficult to navigate because of its tiny font size and the fact that it’s full of spelling mistakes.

Safe & White: Conclusion

Safe & White is a mild teeth-whitening product.  The use of pure oxygen seems safe and the product could be ideal for those whose teeth are only slightly stained.

However, if you want superior and more apparent results, you should consider a Peroxide Carbamide gel of high quality.  Carbamide peroxide is a safe product if its concentration in the whitening gel does not exceed 16-20%.

Moreover, if you use carbamide peroxide gel that is accompanied by a laser light like Dr Georges Dental White offers, results are going to be better and faster.

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