Side Effects of Teeth Whitening

Side Effects of Teeth Whitening – Facts You Should Know!

Teeth whitening side effects

Teeth whitening side effects

Teeth whitening has become really popular with people all over the world, and unlike other cosmetic treatments it can be performed either by a professional or at home.  Since in-surgery whitening is quite expensive, a lot of people opt for the second solution.

There are a large number of teeth-whitening products on the market and everyone can buy a home whitening kit that suits their individual needs and their budget.

However, first-time users can’t help wondering if these products are safe and if they are going to be successful in their home treatment.

Are home teeth whitening kits safe?

The answer could be “Yes, but…”  This means that the safety and success of any home whitening product depends on the quality of the kit and on how carefully you follow the instructions of use.

Dentists were the first to perform in-surgery whitening treatments and they know that both the ingredients and the whole procedure are safe.  Moreover, the whitening materials dentists use are exactly the same with those contained in whitening kits for home use.

Home whitening can create problems if the whitening gel is too strong or if it is left on the teeth for too long.

The whitening gel in home whitening kits is either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Most manufacturers prefer carbamide peroxide as it is considered to be safer for at-home use. Hydrogen peroxide is mostly used by dental professionals and is a stronger and faster bleaching substance.

A home whitening kit is considered safe if it contains less than 20% carbamide peroxide and less than 7% hydrogen peroxide. Before buying a home whitening kit make sure that it contains the right amount of bleaching substance, it has been US or UK tested and that it is certified by the FDA.

However good a product may be, a lot depends on you as far as safety is concerned. Always follow instructions carefully and never exceed the recommended treatment time.

Ensure good fitting mouth trays

The mouth trays play a very important role in teeth whitening. They hold the whitening gel and they should fit perfectly over your teeth. If they don’t, the gel will most probably leak out and come in contact with your gums.  For some people this may be no problem at all, but if your gums are sensitive, there will be some degree of irritation.

Whitening kits of high quality will provide you with thermoform mouth trays that you can mould by “boiling and biting.” This is a simple procedure that gives mouth trays the exact shape of your teeth for more comfort and safety.

Teeth whitening works and is safe

Whitening your teeth at home is something you can do successfully and it is absolutely safe!

There are thousands of people who have used a home whitening kit successfully, and now they can enjoy a film-star smile and a more attractive appearance. The use of home teeth-whitening kits is risk free and without any unpleasant side effects, as long as you follow instructions carefully.

Before buying a home whitening kit you can read our recommendations for the best teeth whitening kits. They are all high-quality products by reputable manufacturers and they have all been tested for safety and reliability.

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