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Smile 4 You was first invented by Dr George Madray in 1989.

At the time it was an innovative invention for home teeth whitening and was marketed under the name “Dr George’s Dental White.”

It still is marketed under the name “Dr Georges Dental White” in the UK and Europe and is still their most popular and effective teeth whitening kit.

But in the USA the product has been given a new practical package and a new name, “Smile 4 You“.

It is ready to offer you a beautiful smile and bright white teeth that you can easily get at home.

Smile 4 You offers those who would like to have beautiful, bright teeth and an attractive smile a practical, easy and economical method to do this.

The product is guaranteed to whiten your teeth up to 11 shades and allow you to have the smile of your dreams.

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Smile4You at a glance:

What is the Smile 4 You whitening kit?

smile4youIn a Smile 4 You standard kit, you will find: a copious amount of whitening gel, a blue Laser UV light, 2 gels for after care, 2 mouth trays and the applicator.

Smile 4 You whitening treatment is the easiest method for whiter teeth in just two weeks. First you fill the mouth trays carefully with the whitening gel and put them on your upper and lower jaws.

Leave them there for 30 minutes and when you remove them use the UV Laser light according to instructions.  Repeat the next day.

Smile 4 You contains a whitening gel whose active ingredient is Carbamide Peroxide (16%) and it is exactly the same gel that dentists use to whiten your teeth.

When the gel is applied on the teeth it removes the yellow staining and little by little your teeth become whiter. The only difference from having your teeth whitened by your dentist is the much higher cost.

Smile 4 You is fully approved by the FDA and their laboratories are inspected every two years to ensure the quality of the product and the strict manufacturing requirements.

Purchasing Smile 4 You can be done only through the manufacturers’ website. You can place your order and they will ship the kit to you wherever you are. International shipping is fast thanks to their many distribution centres.

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and pay just $0.30 (£0.20) per treatment!

Smile4You in the media

smile4you in the mediaSmile4You has become so famous and popular with its users that it has attracted extensive media attention. The product has recently featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and on The Diet Doctor Programme.

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Apart from TV, Smile 4 You has appeared in several well-known magazines such as GQ Magazine and Health & Fitness. Also, two popular magazines Wired and the UK Love It magazines have voted Smile 4 You as the most effective home teeth whitening kit.

by LOVE IT magazine and featured in many USA Publications

Results from using Smile 4 You

By having a look at the screenshots below, you will be able to see how more beautiful your teeth will look after treating them with Smile 4 You. A daily 30-minute treatment will make your teeth a lot brighter and after 14 days you can notice up to 11 shades lighter teeth.

smile4you before and aftersmile4you before and after

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Benefits of Smile 4 You

People who have used Smile 4 You successfully have posted their positive testimonials on the official webpage of the product. Click here to see real-life examples.

We are convinced that Smile 4 You is the best and most effective home teeth whitening kit you can find on the market today.

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Smile 4 You …. Summary

smile4youThis is the best home teeth whitening method you can find on the market. It is ideal to use whenever you have free time and avoid making regular appointments with your dentist. You save a lot on costs and you will have excellent guaranteed results.

Smile 4 You acts really fast and results are visible immediately after each treatment which lasts only 30 minutes.  The amount of whitening gel in each kit is enough for 200 treatments and that means that you pay as little as $0.30 (£0.20) per treatment! The shelf life of the product is 2 years and you can use it again and again whenever you feel it is necessary.

Smile 4 You is guaranteed for good results and safety. It is approved by the FDA and you can get a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

While you may find a lot of similar products on the market, don’t get fooled by cheap imitations.  Smile 4 You will give you professional whitening results and you will also enjoy a very good customer support service.

Dedicated USA and Worldwide Customer Support Team

Dedicated USA and Worldwide Customer Support Team

Where to Buy Smile4You

You can only buy Smile 4 You at the official website.

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Dedicated USA and Worldwide Customer Support Team!

Find out more about Smile 4 You by visiting the official website. Learn how easy it is to get a fantastic smile and boost your confidence!

Click here to visit the official Smile 4 You website!

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