Smile Star Kit Review

Smile Star Kit

Rated 3 out of 5 Stars

Smile Star is a teeth white kit for home use which advertises itself as a product that can offer results identical to professional, in-surgery whitening.

According to its manufacturers, the strong point of Smile Star whitening system is its 35% concentration of carbamide peroxide – which is the strength most dentists use.

Smile Star also promises to give you the Hollywood-white smile after using the product for 5 minutes a day, for about one week.

However, for very discoloured teeth, it may take up to 3 weeks until you can have the desired results.

Smile Star comes with a full money-back guarantee and a free teeth-whitening pen with every order.

Smile Star Advantages

Smile Star Disadvantages

The main disadvantage of this whitening kit is what its manufacturers consider as its biggest advantage, and it is its 35% concentration of carbamide peroxide that may be too high for the average user.

According to the recommended FDA and EU standards, teeth-whitening products for home use should not exceed concentration levels of 10% – 16% for carbamide peroxide and 3% – 8% for hydrogen peroxide.

While even a 44% concentration of carbamide peroxide can be considered as safe for the teeth if used by a dental professional, the 35% content of Smile Star is definitely very strong for home use, and, most probably, not ideal for those who have sensitive teeth and gums.

Another disadvantage is that the manufacturers’ official website seems to have offers that may be outdated as they refer to May 2012.


It is certain that Smile Star can lighten up your teeth effectively in quite a short time and at an affordable price, but we doubt if the product is suitable for everyone. People who have sensitive teeth or gums may experience pain or discomfort while using this product.

Another important point is that users must follow instructions carefully and never exceed the recommended time of application and the frequency of whitening sessions. Otherwise, they are running the risk of damaging the enamel of their teeth and cause irritation to their gums.

Where to Purchase Smile Star

Smile Star kit is available to order directly from its official website Just make sure that the special offers are still valid. The kit costs £19.95 and there is free delivery within the UK and Ireland.

A Safer Alternative to Consider

As a 100% safer alternative, we could recommend Dr Georges Dental White with only 16% concentration of carbamide peroxide, customisable mouth trays, a blue laser light and aftercare gel – it certainly is one of the safest, most effective and affordable products on the home teeth-whitening market.

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