Spraywhite 90

Spraywhite 90

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Spraywhite 90 – Facts You Should Know

Spraywhite 90 is a new, innovative whitening system that seems to be easier to use and quite different from the conventional home teeth-whitening kits, whitening strips or toothpastes.

The whitening agent comes in the form of spray which you can easily apply on your teeth and leave it there only for 90 seconds. After that you should use the WOW mouth rinse to wash your mouth and remove the spray residue.

Spraywhite 90 can be ordered straight from the manufacturers’ website or from several American online retailers, such as Amazon.com. Its price varies from $149 to $199 plus shipping costs.

How Does Spraywhite 90 Work?

The bleaching agent in Spraywhite 90 is hydrogen peroxide, which whitens the teeth by releasing oxygen molecules that penetrate the tiny holes of the enamel and break down the accumulated stain particles that make the teeth appear darker and discoloured.  The spray has to be left on the teeth for only 90 seconds.  After that you should rinse your mouth with the provided rinsing mouthwash which has a neutralising effect to minimise sensitivity and give you a fresher breath.

The mouth rinse comes in powder form and you add it to a glass of water before you use it. Also, it comes in two flavours the Wow Powder Oral Rinse Bubble mint and the Wow Powder Oral Rinse Eucalyptus.

The Spraywhite 90 system contains the whitening spray, the maintenance spray, the mouth rinse, a teeth shade guide and a carrying case. The amount of the sprays and mouth rinse is enough for a 60-day use.

Spraywhite 90: Conclusion

While Spraywhite 90 attracted media attention as it seemed a breakthrough in the teeth-whitening industry, customers were rather dissatisfied. The product promises 4 to 7 shades lighter teeth after the first application, but most customers had to use the product every day for many days before they could have a visible difference.
A great advantage of Spraywhite 90 is the neutralising mouth rinse that the kit contains, but you can order it separately from the manufacturers’ website for $39.95.  Even people who used another whitening system have found it especially useful.

The greatest disadvantage of the product is its very high price which makes it one of the most expensive teeth-whitening systems on the market. The product was not available from its official website a while ago, and we do not know if this happened because they ran out of stock or for any other reason.

The idea behind Spraywhite 90 for an easy and simple home teeth-whitening method was really innovative, but users could not confirm that it could deliver what it promised. If you want better and long-lasting results a more traditional home whitening kit can prove a lot more effective and less expensive than Spraywhite 90.

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