Strip Whites


Strip Whites

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Advertised as the best selling teeth whitening strips in the UK, Strip Whites promise to lighten up your teeth fast and safely.

Generally speaking, whitening strips can be considered as a more convenient way for brighter teeth than any other whitening technique for home use, especially for teeth that are not severely discoloured.

Strip Whites are flexible adhesive tapes that are made of polyethylene and contain 6% of Hydrogen Peroxide – a concentration recommended by the British Dental Association. The strips are comfortably placed over the teeth because of their advanced, non-slip formula.

Each teeth whiten kit contains 14 strips for the upper teeth and 14 for the lower – which means 14 full whitening sessions.

How to Use Strip Whites

The easy application of Strip Whites is the major advantage of this whitening method. After the strip is peeled off its backing, the side that contains the hydrogen peroxide concentration can be placed directly on the front surface of the teeth.

First, you are advised to carefully align the strips with your gum lines for both the upper and the lower jaws in front of a mirror.

After that, press the strip gently to make full contact with the surface of the teeth, paying special attention to the edges and crevices between teeth. As the strips are usually longer than the teeth, you should fold them behind the teeth to ensure that they are kept well in place.

Some users might feel slight sensitivity of the teeth during application time or shortly after it, but the sensation does not last for long. However, if you feel pain or intense sensitivity, you must discontinue the process immediately.

After each whitening session, rinse the mouth thoroughly and brush your teeth to remove any remaining gel.

Strip White manufacturers recommend the use of the strips for 20 minutes, once a day for at least one week. Even though the first results are visible after the first two-three days, a bright white smile can rarely be achieved in less than a week.

When your teeth brightness is fully restored and you are satisfied with it, avoid using the strips too often as this can make your teeth porous and their enamel more vulnerable.  With frequent brushing and good dental hygiene, it is certain that you won’t need to use your strips again for at least six months.

Advantages of Strip Whites

Disadvantages of Strip Whites


If your teeth are not badly discoloured and you want to lighten them up 2 to 5 shades easily and fast, Strip Whites can be the ideal solution for you.

However, if you want professional quality results for your teeth, you’d better choose a complete home teeth-whiten kit which includes mouth trays for easy application of the whitening gel, and a blue laser light to speed up and optimise the process.

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