How to Maintain Teeth Whitening – Dos and Don’ts

Whatever the whitening method you have chosen in order to get a beautiful, attractive pearly smile, now that the whitening treatment is over, you should take some simple measures to make the whitening last longer.

Of course, a lot depends on how white your teeth are now and on how you take care of them. The whiter your teeth are, the more care you should take of them in order to preserve their whiteness. Normal whitening with an over-the-counter home teeth-whitening kit usually makes your teeth several shades lighter, but if you had your teeth professionally whitened by your dentist, they may be looking a lot whiter. This extreme white is the most difficult to preserve for long.

After all, we can easily understand that above a certain level our teeth cannot become whiter. Sometimes, dentists use strong bleaching substances to make our teeth look like the teeth of Hollywood stars and TV presenters, but this whitening, which in some cases looks quite unnatural, cannot last for long – unless we stop eating and drinking…

Teeth come in contact with a lot of different substances that stain them, such as red wine, cola, fruit juices, tea, coffee, and dark-coloured fruit and vegetables such as cherries, berries, grapes, pomegranates, beetroots and a lot more. It is definitely not healthy to avoid fruit and vegetables, and it’s not easy to do without our favourite cup of tea, but we can avoid foods that are artificially coloured, contain a lot of alcohol and those that are high in acidity.

Teeth that have been whitened up to their natural level are easier to keep white with:

• Regular brushing – You can use a regular toothpaste most of the time and a whitening toothpaste a couple of times a week or when you have eaten or drunk something that can badly stain your teeth.

• Use whitening gum – This helps remove the surface staining after a meal away from home when brushing is not possible. Whitening gum is also good after smoking or drinking coffee.

• Use dental floss and a mouth rinse – They will help remove all food particles that remain stuck between teeth and kill bad bacteria that develop in the mouth and cause cavities. Not only do you need white teeth, but you also need healthy teeth.

What you must not do:

• Don’t use your home whitening kit to top-up whitening. Carbamide peroxide can make your teeth really sensitive and painful if it is used too often. This happens because the teeth get demineralised and lose their strength. The ideal would be to repeat the treatment at least six months after the first one. After all, if you follow the advice above, you won’t need to have another whitening treatment too soon.

• Don’t get into the temptation to have your teeth whitened at your beauty salon, just because someone told you that there won’t be any problem. Remember that your teeth are alive and won’t be able to stand the same treatment too soon. Also remember that it is better to have less white teeth than risk their health or have to suffer unnecessary pain.

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