Teeth Whitening Tips

 Teeth Whitening Tips

With home teeth whitening being a safe, easy and affordable option, many people have either already done the treatment, or are contemplating such an option for the future.

The rewards are quite obvious: a bright smile, a better look, increased attractiveness, and improved confidence as a result of the enhanced self-image.

Unlike in-surgery whitening, the cost of home teeth-whitening kits is by no means prohibitive. Besides, the whole process is quite easy and anyone can do it as long as they follow the simple instructions provided with the various home kits.

The process is quite safe, but there are a few things which you should take care of to make it even safer. We will now provide you with some safety advice when you use home teeth-whitening kits.

The Best Safety Advice for Home Whitening Kits

Find a product which is suitable for you: There are basically two types of whitening kits: those that use peroxide and those that do not. Peroxide kits represent the vast majority of the kits on the market today and they come in two options, hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Carbamide peroxide is better for home treatments as its concentration levels do not exceed 20% – which falls down to 10% for kits aiming at those users who have sensitive teeth or gums. The proper selection of the whitening gel is a key factor for avoiding annoyances and irritations.

Ideally, you want a whitening kit which is safe, effective, affordable, fast and easy to use. Other factors include accessibility, in other words being able to buy it without obstacles or prohibitive extra costs, reputability of manufacturer, and positive user feedback and testimonials. We have compiled a list of the best teeth whitening kits which you may find helpful when making your choice.

Get a kit with customisable mouth trays: The presence of customisable mouth trays in a home whitening kit is of paramount importance for ensuring a proper and even application of the whitening gel to your teeth. One-size-fits-all mouth trays cannot properly ensure that the whitening gel will not come in contact with your gums, as these trays have huge gaps for most teeth configurations. This means that the risk of gum irritation is considerably increased. There are whitening kits offering customisable mouth trays which will be a perfect fit for your own teeth configuration and for better and safer whitening results.

Read and follow instructions carefully: All kits have their own instructions of use and you should follow them to the letter for optimal results and safety. Don’t improvise with how or how long you apply the whitening gel. If a kit says, for example, that you have to leave it on for 10 minutes, don’t leave it on for 20 minutes believing that it will somehow do double the whitening – instead you might get unpleasant sensations or irritation, or stress the enamel of your teeth more than necessary.

Be reasonable: When you attain the desirable whitening effect after the first few sessions, there is no reason to continue with the whitening treatment. That will simply demineralise your teeth. Once the whitening is achieved you should abstain from further whitening, at least for a period, but try to preserve the whiteness of your teeth with proper brushing, the use of whitening toothpaste, and by avoiding staining habits such as smoking or drinking too much coffee or tea. Once in a while you can re-use the whitening kit, but don’t do it too frequently. Some kits do not contain enough whitening gel to go on with further treatments beyond the initial ones, but some, like Smile 4 You, contain significant quantities of whitening gel which can be used for months or years to come. This doesn’t mean that you should whiten your teeth every day. Use common sense and don’t risk the health of your teeth.

Handling the whitening gel: It is best to avoid touching the whitening gel, so you’d better use gloves during the whitening treatment. If the gel touches your skin it may cause some degree of irritation especially to those users with more sensitive skin. Keep in mind that the whitening gel can also make a mess of your clothes – so be careful there, too.

Consult with your dentist: If you have sensitive teeth or teeth that need filling, then the whitening process may cause irritation that can be avoided by choosing a product lower in peroxide strength or by having decayed teeth filled before the whitening treatment. 

To sum up, there are 3 simple steps to follow for a beautiful, bright smile: visit your dentist for necessary fillings, choose a high quality teeth whitening kit, and follow instructions of use carefully. Millions of people have used home teeth-whitening kits successfully and they can now enjoy a fantastic, radiant smile. Why not you?

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