Tooth Spray against Dental Decay

Dr Georges Dentel WhiteOver the last decade, there has been a great increase in the variety of cosmetic dental treatments and people who care about their appearance know that a beautiful smile with straight pearly teeth can greatly enhance their attractiveness.

Advanced orthodontic methods have given effective solutions for crooked and misaligned teeth, while porcelain or composite veneers can perfectly cover chipped, cracked or badly discoloured teeth.

Less invasive whitening treatments, either at the dentist’s surgery or at home with the use of a quality teeth-whitening kit, have also helped millions of people get the shiny teeth they had always dreamed of.

A New Discovery

However, the first step to having gorgeous-looking teeth is having healthy teeth and a new dental product aims to help everyone prevent tooth decay in the easiest way. Scientists in Imperial College and the King’s College in London are still working on testing and improving a tooth spray that will be able to strengthen the enamel of the teeth and prevent cavities and discolouration.

Benefits of the Tooth Spray

Dental experts know that when the enamel wears away teeth are in danger of decaying faster, while at the same time they lose their natural brightness. The Tooth Spray is based on the use of a special type of calcium in the form of dry powder that fills the tiny tubes on the enamel of the teeth and remineralises them at the same time.

How Tooth Spray Will Be Used

As its name suggests, this product will be available in the form of a liquid that you will spray directly on your teeth. Apart from remineralising your teeth, the spray will make them look whiter as it will make enamel form a thicker cover on dentin – the substance underlying the enamel – which is yellow in colour. The better dentin is covered, the whiter your teeth will look.

How Safe will Tooth Spray Be

Since Tooth Spray is being developed by expert researchers in the field of dental medicine, we expect it to be not only effective, but also safe. After all, teeth remineralisation is a successful treatment for sensitive teeth, so enamel strengthening is believed to be equally safe and successful.

What You Can Do Now

Before the Tooth Spray is available on the market, you can do a few simple things to keep your teeth healthy and white.

• Use a medium-hard brush and brush your teeth at least twice a day and for about 2 minutes each time. Don’t forget flossing before you go to bed.

• Don’t use the same toothbrush for more than 3 months.

• Visit your dentist as soon as possible when you feel there is a problem.

• Stop smoking because nicotine makes your teeth look ugly and yellow.

• Remember that too much coffee, tea and red wine can make your teeth darker.

• Use a reputable home teeth-whitening kit, such as Dr. George’s Dental White, to whiten your teeth at home.

Apart from a teeth-whitening kit, you can also use whitening strips or a whitening pen. The right product can lighten your teeth up to 11 shades and give you a perfectly white smile. Always remember to follow the instructions carefully when you use a teeth whitening product at home.

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