What Causes Toothache?

What Causes Toothache?

what causes tooth ache?There is no one who hasn’t experienced a toothache. Sometimes it starts at the wrong moment, when we are too busy at work, when travelling, or even when we are trying to sleep at night.

When the pain starts, we often know that it’s here to stay even though we are not aware of what exactly causes it.  We may try to alleviate it by taking a painkiller or using some home remedies.

Most teeth start being painful when there is a cavity or a tiny fracture we have not noticed, but teeth which were filled in the past can start being painful again.

This happens because a tiny part of the filling may have come out, or because decay has affected another part of the same tooth.

Cracks on the teeth can also cause pain. Cracks are invisible to the naked eye and even though the tooth may seem absolutely healthy, it can be really painful when it is exposed to cold air or to food and drink.

Another painful situation is when the pulp of the tooth is irritated. This usually happens after certain dental treatments, such as a deep filling. The tooth can become very painful if the filling materials come in contact with the pulp of the tooth.

The same can happen if a filling or crown gets cracked or comes off and the nerve of the tooth becomes exposed. The pain is dull but persistent with intermittent very painful bouts. The only way to deal with such a problem is a visit to your dentist.

The hygiene of the gums is very important in order to avoid toothaches. When the gums recede, usually due to very harsh brushing, the root of the tooth can be exposed. This can cause frequent and severe toothaches as cold air and anything that you may eat or drink can irritate the root of the tooth.

When your dentist fills the front upper part of your tooth, the pain will stop. In order to avoid this problem, always use a soft brush and avoid brushing too hard on the gums.

If you like chewing tobacco, you are more likely to have frequent toothaches. While in the 19th and early 20th century people believed that chewing tobacco was a great medicine for teeth and gum problems, such as relieving toothache, preventing decay, and curing gum bleeding, later studies showed that things with tobacco chewing were exactly the opposite.

Tobacco chewing stains the teeth, while its friction with the teeth and gums causes decay and gum recession. Also, friction and substances contained in tobacco gradually destroy the enamel of the teeth causing painful cavities.

It seems that the old saying “a stitch in time saves nine” is especially applicable to preserving the health of your teeth. Meticulous brushing and flossing twice a day, regular dental checkups and immediate fixing of any problem that causes toothache will save you from prolonged suffering, and your teeth from a more invasive treatment, or even from extraction.

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