What Is the Right Way To Brush Teeth?

What Is the Right Way To Brush Teeth?

To brush your teeth correctly takes approx. 2 minutes, give or take a few seconds. Most people only brush for 1 minute or less, which is not nearly good enough for a proper clean. It’s a good idea to use a stop watch when brushing or use an electric tooth brush with a built in timer.
To brush properly you should use short soft strokes paying particular attention to the back teeth and the gum line. The following is a good method to use:

  • Clean the front upper teeth, and then the front lower teeth
  • Clean the back upper teeth, and then the back lower teeth
  • Clean the biting surface of upper teeth, and then clean the biting surface of lower teeth
  • For good all round fresh breath and oral hygiene, you should also brush your tongue aswell.


Good Dental BrushingPlace the toothbrush at a 45 degree angle against the gum line and stroke the bristles of brush away from the gum line being careful not to press too hard
Good Dental BrushingSoftly brush the outer, inner and biting surface of all your teeth using small back and forth stroking, once again being careful of not pressing too hard.
Good Dental BrushingSoftly stroke your tongue to get rid of bacteria and this will freshen your breath. It’s a good idea to gargle the remaining tooth paste in your mouth like you would a mouth wash. Then rinse fully.  

What Type of Toothbrush Should I Use?
Most dentists recommend using an electric tooth brush as it gives a better clean and you do not have to apply pressure like you would with a normal tooth brush. Bristles should be soft, but not too soft. If you have to push quite hard to bend the bristles, then this means the bristle are too hard and could cause gum and enamel damage. The head of the brush should be small, so enabling you to reach all areas of your mouth including the hard to reach back teeth.

Is the Toothpaste I Use Important?

The toothpaste you use is very important! All toothpastes should contain fluoride. There are many different types of toothpaste. Some are specially developed for children, some for tarter, smokers, sensitivity, dentures etc. You should ask your dentist what is your best option.   

How Often Should you Replace your Toothbrush?

If your tooth brush begins to show wear and tear then change it. You should definitely change at least every 3 months. It is also advised to get a new tooth brush is you have suffered a cold or mouth infection, as this could lead to further infections.

How Much Toothpaste Should I Use?

A pea size for children or 2 pea size for adults is all you need to use.

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