Safety Advice When Using Whitening Kits

The beauty and attraction of a bright smile has led thousands of people to teeth whitening done either professionally in the dentist’s surgery, or at home with the use of a home whitening kit.

Generally speaking, teeth whitening is a safe process but if you are thinking of doing it at home, it is very important to choose a high quality whitening kit and follow the instructions of use carefully. In this way, you will achieve the best results without any unpleasant side effects.

However, you should ask for your dentist’s advice if you have some serious problems with your teeth before going on with a whitening treatment.

Top 8 Teeth Whitening Safe Tips

+Choose your home teeth-whitening kit very carefully – Although you can find top-quality whitening kits on the market, there are several of them which promise excellent results but in fact, they are low-quality products. Manufacturers of such low-quality kits only think of fast profits and not customer satisfaction. Try to buy a product by a well-established company with testimonials from many happy customers. Have a look at our recommendations for best teeth whitening kits.

+Pay attention to the strength of the whitening gel – Most teeth-whitening gels contain carbamide peroxide while some others contain hydrogen peroxide. A concentration of up to 20% of carbamide peroxide is considered safe for the teeth.  However, if you have sensitive teeth or gums, it would be advisable to start with a milder product of about 10-12% concentration.

+Follow instructions carefully – Use the product according to the detailed instructions that you will find in every kit. Don’t use more whitening gel than it is recommended and never exceed the time you should leave the gel on your teeth. Whether you use gel, laser light or whitening strips never leave them on longer than the recommended time because you think you are going to have better results.

+Mouth trays are very important – Try to avoid whitening kits that contain “one size fits all” mouth trays. Thermoform trays can be easily custom fit to your teeth and they can be found in most high-quality whitening kits. If the trays do not fit exactly and the whitening gel comes in contact with your gums, you may not be able to avoid irritation.

+Use only the recommended quantity of whitening gel – The instructions in most whitening kits say exactly how much gel you should put in the trays. If you use more, your gums will become irritated, and it is not at all pleasant to feel the gel all over your mouth for 20-30 minutes. If it happens to swallow some gel, it may irritate your throat, but it is not something harmful. After all, carbamide peroxide is used to treat mouth sores as well.

+Be careful when handling the gel – Some people with sensitive skin may feel some form of irritation on their hands if they touch the gel. If your skin is very sensitive you should wear gloves when filling the trays or when you wash them at the end of the treatment. Also, avoid contact with the eyes and be careful because the bleaching substances in the gel may damage your clothes.

+Don’t overdo it – When you reach your desired shade, you should not go on hoping for even better results. Repeat the treatment after some time, when you feel that it is necessary. Some high quality kits, such as Smile 4 You, contain enough gel that can last for up to two years.

+Visit your dentist before you start your whitening treatment – This will ensure that all your teeth are in perfect condition. If some of your teeth need filling, the whitening treatment may cause discomfort or pain.

To sum up, visit your dentist first, buy a high-quality teeth whitening kit and follow the instructions carefully.

This is the best way to a radiant, attractive smile and increased confidence. Good luck!

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