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Whiter Than White – Facts You Should Know

Whiter Than White

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Whiter Than White is a range of teeth whitening products sold by a well-established UK company which sells products that dentists also use for in-surgery whitening.

Despite the fact that the Whiter Than White range is quite expensive, home treatment comes at a much lower price than in-surgery treatment.

The Whiter Than White home teeth-whitening kit which offers you customised mouth trays, which are professionally shaped in their labs, is sold for £99. 

On the other hand, the Whiter Than White First Steps kit which contains thermoform, “boil and bite” mouth trays, is sold at £49.00, which is exactly the same price as Dr Collins All White Bleaching Kit.

What is Whiter Than White?

Both Whiter Than White kits contain six tubes of whitening gel, the mouth trays, four applicator tips, a CD with full instructions on how to use the product, and a shade chart to monitor the whitening progress.

If you buy the £99 Whiter Than White kit with the custom-fit mouth trays, you will have to use the impression kit in the whitening pack to take an impression of your upper and lower teeth.

The process is easy and there is a video on their website that shows you exactly how to do it. When the impression is taken, you should send it to their dental laboratories and after a few days, you will receive your custom-fit mouth trays.

The good news about those who have very sensitive teeth is that the Whiter Than White kit offers a lower-strength gel with only 11% carbamide peroxide. This concentration is really mild but the gel has to be left on the teeth for longer – about 60 minutes, while the strong concentration of 16% is usually left for about 20 minutes.

Whiter Than White advantages

Whiter Than White is a quality whitening range of products which have often featured in the UK media. The choice of a strong or sensitive option gel is a real advantage for those who have very sensitive teeth. The strong option contains 16% carbamide peroxide while the sensitive contains only 11%.

Other advantages are the custom made mouth trays their dental laboratory will provide you with, the full money-back guarantee and the free UK shipping. Their website is professional, has all the details about their products and they have a great customer support service.

You can buy any whitening product you like by filling in the form on their website.

Whiter Than White negatives

The main disadvantage of the product is that it is not accompanied by a laser light to speed up treatment time so users have to wear the mouth trays for quite long. In some cases users are advised to wear the mouth trays all night long.

Several customers also reported some delay in delivery of the custom fit mouth trays from the manufacturers’ laboratory, while some others mentioned that refills in order to top up treatment were really expensive.  We can say that not only refills, but the original product is also quite expensive.

Whiter Than White … Verdict

A high-quality product, Whiter Than White can offer you excellent whitening results but at a very high price.  Compared to other similar high-quality products, such as Dr Georges Dental White, we can say that it is one of the most expensive in its category.

There is no reason for someone to pay such a high price when the same, or even better, results can be achieved at a fraction of the price.

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