Zero Peroxide Vs Peroxide Teeth Whiteners

Zero Peroxide Teeth-Whitening Kits Compared to Dental White

What differences are there?

The basic difference between the two products is the active substance contained in each one of them. For Zero Peroxide it is Sodium Bi-Carbonate while for Dental White it is Carbamide Peroxide.

Carbamide and Hydrogen Peroxide gels are the whitening method chosen by practically every professional in the field. Peroxides tend to really whiten the teeth through the oxygen molecules which are released by the gel. The same is true for Dental White.

Sodium Bi-Carbonate, as it is used in Zero Peroxide whitening solution, cleans the teeth and scrubs a very fine layer of teeth material which is a different operating principle altogether.

In terms of whitening endurance, Peroxide-based gels are superior to Sodium Bi-Carbonate products with the later producing a shorter-lived result.

What about Safety?

There are no health hazards from either product. However, Zero Peroxide will be a better choice in terms of avoiding temporary gum or teeth irritations associated with the whitening process.

Dental White is FDA approved and certified as a safe product and has been on the market for more than twenty years without problems. It is also manufactured by Dr. Madray – a prominent dentist in the United States, while both the gel and manufacturing process are inspected by the FDA every two years.

Are There User Testimonials?

On the one hand, there is Zero Peroxide which is a new product with a very small amount of user feedback, while on the other hand there is Dental White which has been on the market for decades.

During this time Dental White has received thousands of positive testimonials, the product has been endorsed by health experts and celebrities and has featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show “How to Look 10 Years Younger in Only 10 Days.”

What Is Their Refund Policy?

Both products offer you the safety of trying and be refunded if the results are not what they should be. However, there are slight differences in terms of policy which are worth noting:

Zero Peroxide offers a 30-day money-back guarantee which must be acted upon after 21 days of application, while timed and stamped photographs are required. The first photograph must be taken before you start the process and the second after the 21-day application. You will also have to pay a £10 administration charge. A detailed report of what you did during the application period will also be required.

Dental White offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. You return the package and receive your money back.

What Is the Cost Efficiency for Each Whitening Kit?

Zero Peroxide most popular package that costs £59.99 contains:

Dental White most popular package that costs £39.99 contains:

Zero Peroxide basic package that costs £49.99 contains:

For the same amount of money, Dental White offers:

This table is based on prices taken from websites on Feb 4th 2012 and is based on a per treatment ratio of 0.5ml

From the above data it seems that there is a clear winner regarding best product characteristics, including value for money where we have spotted a chaotic difference.

So, if you are looking for an affordable and well-tested whitening solution, backed with a satisfaction money-back guarantee, search no more: Dental White is the right product for you and you can place your order online today.

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